Organic Wensleydale and aubergine purple silk

Okay, half of the organic wensleydale fleece, that arrived last week, has been washed, sorted and dried. It was not that dirty to begin with but it still required several rounds of rinsing after the soap wash. The fleece is very beautiful indeed, the farmer did not promise too much :o)  The locks are all separate, they don’t sit on a fleece base because the fleece was cut off the sheep, not sheared, and they will be perfect for handspinning, hand dyeing and felting projects. This fleece will also be interesting especially for dollmakers, who root the locks into the dolls head, as it seems that they prefer the loose locks much more to fleece clusters, where you need to either pull the locks out and separate them, or cut them off, whatever is required for the project. I like both types, the clusters and the loose locks, either of them offer an equal variety of uses. Here is a photo of the raw fleece:


And here is the freshly washed and well sorted fleece in all its beauty:



The average length of the locks is 8-12cm (3.2-4.8inch). I will display the fleece in my etsy store shortly.

According to the weather forecast we will be having very humid days and high temperatures around the 33 degree Celsius mark on Friday and the rest of  the weekend…..NOT GOOD…..I am no good with hot weather, I am much more into the cooler seaside weather….Sooner or later I will get so fed up with the tropical summer temperatures here in the Southwest, that I will pack my bags again and honestly move up North to the German coast. It will be just a matter of time. So, due to that depressing weather forecast (summer people will think I am really not quite right in the head…) I have moved this week’s woolly tasks ahead so I don’t need to turn the kitchen into a steambath on Friday and Saturday. On Monday I painted a custom order of 15 silk scarves in a very beautiful dark aubergine purple. They will be going to a team of people who work for a pharmacy at Bremerhaven, which is in Northern Germany right by the sea…hmm….perhaps I could just squeeze myself into the parcel and get shipped to fresher breezes and lower temperatures along with the scarves? Hold that thought…


 Last night I painted 3 batches of the organic wensleydale fleece in rusty browns, blonde and emerald green, plus 2.2lb of sock yarn, which should be dried by the end of the week. 2 handspun singles have been sitting on the bobbins since last week, waiting to be plied into a rainbow design with very vibrant colours. It’s a bit sad actually that I have not had the time to finish it sooner. But for now it’s time to get to the workshop and sort today’s orders that will be mailed later on today.



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