How about a steam bath! YAY.

The past weeks have been very busy ones. I have been working on several custom orders, a new 50lbs bulk load of beautiful but very greasy Hebridean fleeces has arrived, and a wholesale order for 8.8lbs of handpainted yarns came in last week. Never mind the 34 degrees Celsius we are currently experiencing, I am rigidly digging my way through layers of thick  fleeces to sort and place them into very hot soapwater. After that I am back at the dyepot, which is filled with wet boiling wools and gorgeous colours. I am actually having woolly fun, yes, but I am also slowly but surely melting away in this wet heat…..

Here is a photo of one custom order, a set of handspun slub yarn and curly wensleydale yarn, that has already gone to a German dollmaker. The yarns will be turned into wonderful dolls hair, and if I am lucky I may get to see some photos of the finished dolls.  :o) This is the only lot I remembered to take a photo of before mailing it off,….sorry folks…brains….melting….


In between I had some time to paint a set of 4 skeins of super soft baby alpaca yarn for my etsy store, which I have called “Sandalwood”.



I also sorted and prepared several bags of wensleydale curly fleece 2nds, that I have now displayed in my ebayUK store. These 2nds are perfect for any felting, dyeing and weaving project. I don’t recommend them for fine dolls hair, they really are 2nds. But they will certainly make great wild dolls hair and dwarf beads.


2 new colours have been added to my stock of pencil yarns, and a new batch of handpainted and handspun merino slub yarn has been listed in my ebayUK store. It’s a very lovely blonde shade:




Well, that’s it for now. Once the wholesale order is finished I will be able to display some photos here on my blog – Rose, if you are reading this, the yarns are coming on beautifully!!!  :o) The Hebridean fleece wool will be listed in my online stores and on my website as soon as the first batch has been washed, properly dried and sorted for a 2nd and 3rd time. I love Hebridean fleece, it is so perfect for dollmaking, and because I have received many first clip fleeces it means that the wool will also be soft enough for both, wet and dry felting projects. Okay, back to my homemade Roman steam bath! YAY…….


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