Wholesale babes and Sherlock

The wholesale order of 40x100g of handpainted yummy yarn is finished and ready to be mailed off to Australia, where the yarns will be stocked by A Chronic Yarnoholic . I am very satisfied with the colourways, otherwise I don’t think I would want to send them off:


As you can see the 10th set of 4 skeins is missing because it was still drying on the wool board at the time I took the photo. I was worried I would forget about it again, my memory is so terrible sometimes.

Speaking of memory, as I have been working very long hours for the past weeks I decided to treat myself to season 1 + 2 of “Sherlock”, the new BBC version (2010) of the very famous “Consulting Detective”, as he likes to call himself. The man with the brilliant mind and the flawless memory. What can I say, I am such a sucker for Sherlock Holmes stories. I own the complete set of the Sherlock Holmes BBC audiobooks, the complete DVD box of Sherlock Holmes, starring Jeremy Brett (my favourite actor for this character), and I absolutely loved the new BBC version, with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freemen, when it was aired here in Germany at the beginning of the year, quite late, I know. The modern Sherlock doing his brilliant deductions, and there is also a healthy amount of humour in the stories, I thoroughly enjoyed watching them. So, Sherlock and Dr.Watson have been solving their cases for the past week over and over again, the DVD’s are running on repeat all day long, while I shuffle my yarns and fibres around, actually turning the TV series into an audio version (no eyes in the back of my head, I’m afraid). I am so used to stuff running in the background, it’s either the radio or the TV, whether I am in the room or not.  If I ever misplaced or lost one of my favourite yarns and I would need Sherlock Holme’s help, his only reply would probably be: ….”BORING, please vanish….”   :o)  Sherlock, could I please have just a fraction of your brilliant brains??? I can pay you in yarns and rovings, what d’you say?

Okay, it’s time for me to get back to the drum carder. A new bulk order of 52 merino-silk batts came in this week, these fibre babes will be going to Bulgaria. Fingers crossed I won’t forget to take a photo for my blog!!!!!

Everyone have a very good weekend and HAPPY FIBRE CRAFTING!


One thought on “Wholesale babes and Sherlock

  1. Here another sucker for the Sherlock Holmes series by the BBC! Recently I have been watching both the movies by Guy Ritchie with Robert Downey Jr. in it. Yes, the movies were fun, but nothing compared to the series with Cumberbatch. They are working on the 3rd series of episodes and I can’t wait for those to be on the telly 😉

    And also: love love love the skeins in reds and oranges. Even though, being a redhead, those are not my colors. However: they do look splendid. Can’t wait to see what you will be sending to Bulgaria, indeed – don’t forget to post!!

    Ciao and happy knitting, Fleur (Fleurtje-Eliza on Ravelry)

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