Fluffy batts and an orange day

The bulk order of 13×4 drum carded merino-silk batts (each lot of 4 weighing between 7.4-7.9oz/210-225g)  has been finished for a Bulgarian souvenir and fibre store:

I think I will take a 2-day carding break now ;o)

Yesterday we finally had some heavy rainfall after days of heat and dust, unbearable really. The light during one of the rainstorms was stunning!

What seems to be yellow mist in the picture is in fact a very heavy rainshower. It looked fantastic, unfortunately the thick raindrops did not show in the photo. Today’s weather is nice and cool, cloudy with a little bit of wind, just my type of weather!! It won’t last though, we are expecting up to 37 degrees AGAIN until Sunday. I am truly looking forward to the autumn season.

3 days ago I was in a the mood for orange colours, not sure why, but I painted some Polwarth and some BFL rovings in a typical Tequila Sunrise colourway, now listed in my Etsy store:

Today is spinning day, I need to restock my slub yarns,  so I better get pedalling! :o)


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