Wensleydale update

The first 2 shearling fleeces are off the drying board. I have not displayed them in my etsy store nor in my ebay store yet because my list of requests is getting rather long now. Anyone still interested in being added to the list please do not wait too long, especially if you would like to order some of the  natural black wensleydale champion shearling fleece. There will be some more white shearling fleece later on.  Custom painted shearling fleece locks will take me around 1 week per order to finish:



Please note that the tape measure shows the length in cm. 2.5cm equal 1 inch.




Here is one lot of handpainted shearling fleece in a wonderful autumn brown (rusty brown) that will go to its new home in the US:


There are new batches of light blonde, autumn gold and fire red regular wensleydale curly fleece now displayed in my ebayUK store.  Plus I painted another lot in mocha brown today, it will consist of larger and somewhat coarser locks, it’s still in the dyepot so I cannot really say much about it yet. Okay, I will finish up for tonight, it’s been a long woolly day. :o)

Everyone have a very good weekend and HAPPY FIBRE CRAFTING!


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