More snow for the forest woman

Somehow I have been hoping that we would get rid of the snow in between but it keeps snowing every night, and I am SO fed up with shovelling that stuff. But apart from that it’s also quite fun walking through the woods when everything is covered in pure white, especially when we get some sunshine for an hour or two. Last week we had a total of 0.9 hours of sunshine…ain’t that depressing. Well, for the past weeks I have been staying indoors where it’s warm, carding, spinning, painting and washing more fleece wool. That’s what the snowy winter weather is good for, you don’t really want to be outside for too long.

Okay, so here is the update: Fresh white wensleydale curly fleece wool will be available again in around 1 week, it’s currently boiling away in the tubs. Furthermore 1 new handspun lace yarn, “Monkshood”,  and 1 new handpainted silk lace yarn, “Ivy”,  have made it into my etsy store:






A very beautiful felt doll is now displayed in my online exhibition: My adorable little forest woman, custom made by Michaela, who also runs a store on DaWanda called Rattenschaf. The doll is made with Wensleydale curly fleece, Bluefaced Leicester curly fleece wool and carded batt wool from my stock. She is such a beauty, I am so proud of her, have a look:



Michaela has done a really great job, she is such a talented felting artist, I could not come close to that if I tried for the next 50 years.

More handspun and handpainted slub yarns and carded merino-silk batts  have been restocked in my ebayUK store and my etsy store.

I am including some lovely winter photos to this blog, that little bit of  sunshine felt really good today!! Old Sam and old Charly sure enjoyed it too. :o)







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