House gnomes in spring

2 days ago these little fellows came by post from my felting colleague Michaela



They are called Valentin and Sammy (I didn’t give them their names, but” Sammy” is okay with me), and they are my new house gnomes. They will be watching me paint and spin my wools and make sure that I am doing a good job all around. Valentin (the guy with the red trousers) is very well natured and easy-going lad, while Sammy, according to Michaela, may sometimes go a little over the top. He is very frisky indeed but will behave if he is deprived of fresh strawberries. He has already decided that he wants to sit right by the fruit bowl, just to make sure nothing tasty gets nicked.


Valentin’s beard is made of some of my wensleydale fleece locks, and Sammy’s hair and beard is made of my Bluefaced Leicester fleece locks.  Their clothes are needle felted 100% merino wool.  I think they both look very dashing indeed. :o)

Spring has definitely arrived (THANK GOD!!!!!!!), and some new colourways have made it into my etsy store and my ebayUK store:






Everyone have a very lovely spring season and HAPPY FIBRE CRAFTING! :o)


One thought on “House gnomes in spring

  1. Hello,

    Your Gnomes are charming!!! I’m glad that they have a home around such beautiful fiber!

    Michele Rocheleau

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