Sky blues and purple delights

A new handpainted lace yarn design has come to life in absolutely gorgeous vibrant purple shades called “Octavia”.  It will create variegated colourways. Apart from that I felt like painting strong sky blue and indigo shades into my super soft 50/50 merino/silk roving, and yes, I couldn’t help but paint more of my favourite magenta/grape purple cashmere blend roving, a fibre I could just cover myself up with and fall asleep…  The yarn and the rovings are already displayed in my etsy store.





2 sets of handpainted very beautiful and very curly wensleydale curly fleece have made it into my DaWanda store:



Don’t get me wrong, I am certainly not longing for autumn…just yet…but I love the rusty browns and burnt oranges in my curly fleeces. :o)

And last but not least a summer mix of 10 vibrant colourways of my space dyed wool slivers are also listed in my etsy store:


I think I have picked a good combination of colours. It’s a large mixed bag of 210g (7.4oz).


Everyone have a fantastic summer time and HAPPY FIBRE CRAFTING!!


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