New girl in the house

A new little addition arrived at my house 2 weeks ago, totally sweet and frisky, and from day one she had me wrapped around her little paw. Her name is Kitty. Okay, I would not have given her that name if I had had the choice, Kitty is rather a cat’s name, but she listens very well indeed when I call her, so we will stick with Kitty. This little furry bundle comes from a Spanish kennel. In Spain and other mediterranean countries the animals are kept in the kennel for 21 days, and if noone picks them up or takes them over they will be killed.  Kitty came over to Germany with another 12 dogs. They were all distributed to foster homes quite quickly. I was one of the foster homes, well, my plan was to just foster the dog(s) until a permanent home was found. I didn’t want to get hooked on a new dog so soon after Sam’s death. Well, what do you know, Kitty arrived….and she will stay, plain and simple! So much for the fostering part, haha.






This little creature is such a darling and so funny, I could not have asked for a better dog, she is absolutely perfect.  All the dogs in the neighbourhood love her, she is so easy to handle, and after 3 days she was already running off the leash, and has remained so. She doesn’t even wear a collar at the moment. I am a very, very happy bunny indeed! :o)


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