Can we skip winter?

The weather has so far been very kind in Germany, mild temperatures, little frost in the morning, no snow yet. It seems that the US  and Canada were hit worst by very heavy snowfalls and very low temperatures first, what I saw on TV was quite scary, sort of ice age conditions. No doubt once the high winds change direction we will be hit by winter…honestly, I could do without it this year. My mind is hopping forward to April already, for longer days with more daylight, warm sunshine and all the lovely birds chirping out there. Well, until this picture will come true I can at least put some spring colours into my fibres, so here are my new lots of handspun and handpainted yarns that have already found their way into my etsy store and my ebayUK store: First 2 new handpainted pure mulberry silk lace yarns in pink shades, then my handspun and handpainted extra soft merino slub yarns (yep, my popular “Prisma” slub yarn is back in stock, Yeehaw!):




slub country

slub prismathe slub yarns are perfect for freeform knitting, quick knit projects, needle felting projects, and of course to be used as ready made dreads. :o) My entire range of slub and pencil yarns can be found in my ebayUK store.


I also handspun some single bulky extra soft merino yarn in variegated colourways that will also be suitable for knitted felting projects and for quick knitting e.g. hats, and for dollshair. The yarns are displayed in my etsy store:




the single yarn below will create stripes:



I added a new colourway to my space dyed wool sliver stock that can be found in my ebayUK store. The colours are incredibly vibrant, I love them! The micron count is 24,  a bit coarser than my 21 micron extra soft rovings and very easy to work with for beginners in handspinning and felting:



In between I took a short break off any woolly projects,  I felt like making a new gemstone necklace for my DaWanda store, here it is, a beautiful chrysocolla+tibetan silver wire wrapped necklace with a teardrop pendant:



My handpainted 50/50 silk/merino yarn “Rhubarb” sold out last week,  a new lot is already painted in similar colours and currently drying.  The skeins will probably displayed on etsy in 2-3 days time. Okay, that’s all for now, back to the dyepot! ;o)


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