Sleeping beauty….,or just sleepy??

Perhaps it’s got to do with the circadian rhythm, perhaps it’s just an age thing, but I have been quite tired these past days, the weather sucks (it’s got everything in store for us,  snow storms followed by heavy rain showers and flooding followed by snow storms followed by heavy rain showers and flooding followed by….well, you get the meaning right?),  and the woodlands are extremly muddy OR icy with high risk of slipping and breaking your neck, it’s just not funny right now. I could be sleeping all day, in fact, someone else is doing exactly that!!


Okay then, let at least this furry bundle get her beauty sleep, it’s too late for me anyway. Instead I have nevertheless been rather busy at the dyepot, and since the beginning of this month some new handpainted lots of bluefaced leicester, merino-silk, merino and polwarth rovings have found their way into my online stores on etsy, ebayUK and DaWanda, here they are:






Plus I dyed one Bluefaced Leicester curly fleece in vibrant purple, magenta and cornflower-indgo blue and prepared a new mixed bag for my ebay store

bfl mix purples

And to stick with purple I finished another custom order for 4 skeins of 50/50 camel down/silk lace yarn to be painted in a very vibrant and rich dark magenta purple with a touch of red magenta in the sheen, which was not picked up by the camera, this lot changed its shades like a chameleon when I tried different lights for the photos. The photos below show the colour more accurately than the other 250 I took.  Magenta shades are such beauties and yet such  b*****s to catch properly on camera! The yarns have also gone to Finland to be turned into another baby wrap. ;o)



The sample yarns on top of the single skein are both commercially dyed cotton, and the request was for the custom yarns, that will be for the weft,  to come as closely as possible to the left hand dark magenta sample. The pinkish cyklamen yarn on the right will be the warp yarn. Oooooh, I hope I will get to see some photos of the finished wrap again.




Remember the custom order for several handpainted camel/silk lace yarns I finished last December?

custom camel-silk yarn2

They were going to Finland to be turned into a handwoven baby wrap. I was so hoping to see some photos of the finished wrap, and here they are,  in fact the photos were sent to me 2 months ago, I just didn’t see them in the message….yep, I’m getting old…

baby wrap

baby wrap4

baby wrap2

The wrap is about 3m long (3.3yds) and was custom woven by a lady who runs a weaving business called Chunky Slings in Finland, she specialises in baby wraps.  I’d say this lady has done a fantastic job. The weaving pattern is called “Rondo”, and if I understand correctly the warp is a fine cotton yarn and the weft the camel down/ silk yarns. Very beautiful indeed.

Okay, time to get to my spinning wheel, where a super fine bfl lambswool/silk yarn is waiting to be finished. This baby will consist of 2 handspun cobweb threads and take me at least 14 hours to spin + 2-3 hours to ply + 1/2 h to wind…….I think I’m going to make me a large jug of  coffee before I start. ;o)


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