Fresh fibres and yarns coming at you…

Since my last blog several new batches of handpainted fibres and handspun beehive art yarns have been finished.  I went with the beautiful British Bluefaced Leicester wool, very cosy and soooooo squishy, and the classic, the fluffy Shetland wool, to get some vibrant colours into these rovings. Plus some super fine 18 micron Merino roving had to go into the dyepot, I just felt like it. ;o) The beehive art yarns are made of extra fine 20 micron  Merino wool. You can find these babies in my etsy store .








I am still working on my ultra fine BFL lambswool/silk lace yarn. These particular yarns require a lot of time and patience and can take forever because I always need the spinning wheel for other yarns in between e.g. to stock up my range of slub yarns, or to finish a custom order, which of course has got priority.  So far I have got 1 1/2 bobbins filled with a very thin cobweb thread. I believe that, once this yarn has been plied and set,  it will indeed be a very scrumptious and true beauty queen among my yarns.  Time will tell. :o)


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