South America in spring colours

The discount period has been taken advantage of a good deal!  Thank you everyone for following and enjoying my blog and for placing your orders, your enthousiastic comments have been quite a treat for me. :o)

I have certainly not been idle while my blog was snoozing all month of March. In fact I have been experimenting with a new merino fibre that I have added to my stock. It comes from South America, which means that it is a non-mulesed merino wool from ethically reared sheep, with an extra fine micron count of 21, that’s 70’s quality. I am delighted with the quality of this wool,  I painted it in gorgeous spring and country colours.












As usual I have painted them in threes and fours per batch, and they have been listed in my etsy store, my ebayUK store and my DaWanda store. In between painting these merino babes and taking care of several custom orders for handspun slub yarns and carded batts I did work a little more on  my bluefaced leicester/silk lace yarn. I know, I have been writing about it since the beginning of February, I am very slow with it. There are now about 20 grams of wool left to be spun,  it seems that every time I spin cobweb threads the last fluff of wool just takes me forever to finish.  Plus I still need to ply the threads, which will take me… oh I don’t know….’til next Christmas?  Well, I will get there, slowly but surely, I will get there. :o) I will take some photos for my next blog!


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