The heat is on

This past week has been okay temperature wise, but we have already been hit by some serious heatwaves with up to 38 degrees Celsius, letting us roast away in no time. People who are used to this kind of heat, or live in hot areas of the planet will probably just kindly smile now. :o)

sommerhitze sommerhitze2


These hot days are no good for me, they make me want to just curl up and die. Nevertheless, I managed to paint my wools and card the batts vigorously at night-time ;o) . The stores are now fully stocked, all standard batts (greens, blues, purples, teals, country, pinks, reds) available, plus 3 new versions (pitch black with teal silk, browns, and aubergine/rosewood/sage-apple) are listed in my ebayUK store, etsy store and DaWanda store,








My handspun slub yarns are also restocked on ebayUK, including a new colourway that I have called “Safari”:

slub safari

The colourway below I have repeated by popular demand, in a batch of 6 (I usually paint in 3s and 4s):




We haven’t had any rain at all for the past 3 weeks, just the roasting heat coming from the Sahara desert. I think I will take an evening walk with Kitty and perhaps try to do a rain dance. The fire hazard level for our forest area has been raised to 5, the highest level. Makes me a bit uneasy….yep, will try some rain dancing tonight!


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