It’s fleece time again :o)

Freshly clipped fleeces have been arriving on a weekly basis since my last blog,  and they all needed washing and sorting, but I am half way through the bulk,  I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel :o) So far I have got gorgeously soft British Bluefaced Leicester, beautiful Bluefaced Leicester/Kerry Hill cross with great sheen, and some very high quality English Leicester curly fleece (1 champion with curls of up to 35cm = 14 inch!!!!!, plus  1 very clean curly fleece beauty from a 2 year old ewe).

Some of the fleece wool I have already handpainted for all who want to use the curls for felting, embellishment, dollshair, and handspinning – they are displayed in my etsy store.  However, not all of these fleeces are suitable for handspinning, the fleece base may be too dense, but I have mentioned that in each item description.  Here are my natural colour and handpainted fleece beauties:

British Bluefaced Leicester:








Bluefaced Leicester/Kerry Hill X, a super clean fleece wool with great natural sheen:



English Leicester (aka Leicester Longwool), 2-year ewe fleece + champion fleece:





And last but not least some more of my German royal baby alpaca handpainted fleece, also available through my etsy store as a mixed bag of 4 colours. The wool is a mere 17 micron,  as soft as a cloud of whipped cream!!



Freshly clipped British wensleydale fleece should be back in stock around mid/end September.

Not all of my washed undyed fleeces are regularly listed in my online stores, as there is only a limitied quantity available each year, and I keep a waiting list once the raw fleeces have been inspected.  Inquiries are welcome through my website Needlework’s Pleasure.

Everyone have a very fine weekend and HAPPY FIBER CRAFTING :o)


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