Felting wool sets, and Bluefaced Leicester is back!

May 18, 2020:

After a very long time I am finally stocking a very soft and fluffy British Bluefaced Leicester wool roving again, I´m a happy bunny!! It took me forever to find the quality BFL fiber I was used to years ago and was never happy with the fiber samples I received. This new lot is a fine 22/6 micron roving/combed top with the typical beautiful luster I love so much. I finished 2 hand dyed batches of 3 lots each over the weekend. They are now displayed in my Etsy shop All The Pretty Fibers. More to come soon:

I have also prepared 5 new small sets of 26 micron merino wool roving for felting and spinning projects, doll making and embellishing. Each set contains 12 colors and weighs a total of 50g/1.8oz. The colors are beautifully rich and vibrant, and the wool is perfect for beginners as well. Here they are: “Landscape”, “Rose Delight”, “Terracotta Sunset”, “Blue-Teal-Purple” and “Fairy Hill”, all available through All The Pretty Fibers.

Time to get back to my dyepot. Today I will be painting super fine merino/silk blends, and perhaps some more Polwarth if I can squeeze them in ;o)

Published by alltheprettyfibers

I am an independent hand spinner, wool dyer and fibre artist from Germany. Apart from "All The Pretty Fibers" I also run the online site "Needlework's Pleasure" and "DieHandspinnerin". Everyone, please feel free to contact me whenever you have any questions. I always reply within 24 hours once I have received your message :o) Speak to you soon, Heike www.alltheprettyfibers.etsy.com www.needleworks-pleasure.com http://en.dawanda.com/shop/Steinkreis-Naturseifen

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