Fresh fiber for spinning and felting projects, and I want to ship worldwide again!

June 3, 2020:

Well, I have been waiting patiently for the postal services to reopen the shipping routes from Germany to the US, New Zealand and Australia since March 27th, but it seems that the pandemic is just not playing ball, many international hubs overseas are still closed, and no cargo planes have been taking off for packet rate goods. The only way to ship something abroad right now is by “triple priority platinum super prime whatever parcel rate” costing half a kingdom, and that´s without a guarantee that the stuff will actually arrive at its destination – what a joke.

My reserve list for my overseas customers has been getting longer and longer, I certainly don´t mind putting items on hold for them, though I would love to be able to give them an estimate timeframe or some sort of date from when I can finally ship everything to them…

So for now patience is the word, and keeping safe & healthy. I have not been idle these past days – here are my new hand dyed rovings/combed tops: super soft polwarth (I LOVE that fiber!!!!), super fine 18 micron merino/mulberry silk, wonderful shetland and gorgeous (!!) british bluefaced leicester, 2-3 lots per dyelot, and all available in my etsy store All The Pretty Fibers :o)

I have been growing my own vegetables this year, as everyone was talking about food prices going up due to covid-19, and the vegetable prices have indeed gone up to the point of ridiculous. I am not a very good gardener, in fact I hardly know anything about growing veggies but I very much love sowing stuff and watching it digging its way out of the soil and into the light, and growing a little every day. It´s so relaxing, call me silly but I do talk to my veggies and keep humming little melodies – it calms me down with the world being such a madhouse.

Everyone have a very lovely month of June, enjoy your craft projects, and keep safe & well! :o)

Published by alltheprettyfibers

I am an independent hand spinner, wool dyer and fibre artist from Germany. Apart from "All The Pretty Fibers" I also run the online site "Needlework's Pleasure" and "DieHandspinnerin". Everyone, please feel free to contact me whenever you have any questions. I always reply within 24 hours once I have received your message :o) Speak to you soon, Heike

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