Hand dyed spinning fiber and savoy cabbage models

October 3rd, 2020

I have been taking good care of my vegetables all summer, most of them came out ever so nicely, others were taken by the white fly and tiny caterpillars happy to get free yummy meals. So for the second half of summer I decided to leave my savoy cabbages under a netting, and the result I believe does indeed belong on a veggie catwalk :o)

My zucchini plant is still blooming and growing beautifully, October is supposed to bring mild weather fingers crossed. And the last two hokkaido pumpkins will be ready for harvesting soon.

For fall and winter I tried to find a good vegetable that would grow fast enough to be harvested before the frosty days will start, so I decided to try and grow Pak Choi and winter onions (the onions will grow until next spring). The vegetable details sounded promising especially as Pak Choi is supposed to be a low maintenance plant, which is always good when I am very busy dyeing fiber and spinning yarns during the woolly seasons. The little shoots went into the garden and under the netting 3 days ago, I´m not taking any chances, I read that garden snails go crazy about Pak Choi:

Okay time for a fresh batch of hand dyed extra soft polwarth, bluefaced leicester and merino superwash roving fibers, there are gradients and variegated beauties, all displayed in my etsy store:

Don´t forget to also visit my website All The Pretty Fibers for another beautiful range of hand dyed rovings and handspun yarns!

Everyone have a very colourful autumn season, and Happy Crafting!

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