A pretty late yarn and fiber update

November 27, 2020

Yep, I meant to display my new hand dyed fiber beauties in my blog much earlier this month but time flies like crazy with all the madness around us – I am trying not to get drawn into it too much, I certainly understand the necessity of a new lockdown, be it full or partial, but each day now the rules change and I am having trouble following up with what I may or may not do outside the house. So I decided to stay indoors as much as possible and take care of my yarn and fiber world :o)

I tried out a new exquisitely soft and very fine 18 micron merino/silk blend and dyed it in gorgeous heathered teal, purple and blue. The feel is very much like that of cashmere, it is ever so soft – more of this blend to come soon, I am so in love with it!!!

Also another beautiful range of fine hand dyed spinning and felting fiber is now available through my website All The Pretty Fibers:

And I have currently got a sale going at StoneCircleWools on Etsy – many of my handspun art hats come with a 25% discount:

plus a new set of beautiful naturel gemstone jewelry and unique felt necklaces are also displayed in the same shop :o)

That´s all for now. Everyone have a great weekend, and keep safe & well!

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