Variegated wool and tiny seedlings

April 6, 2021

I have been so busy filling my etsy store and my website with fresh fibers and yarns that my blog was neglected badly these past months. So today I would like to intruduce my new lot of hand dyed fibers: I finished a batch of variegated hand dyed Polwarth combed tops (wool rovings), super soft and perfect for people with sensitive skin! They will make wonderful hand spun yarns and the softest felt. There are also new lots of superwash 18 micron gradient beauties, and a new remarkably soft peruvian heathered roving beauty for my needle felting customers and beginners in spinning:

There is also a new batch of super gorgeous hand dyed BFL curly fleeces available on my website, along with freshly dyed super softe merino-silk yarns and a mixed bag of natural wool rovings:

The weather was absolutely brilliant during the Easter holidays, warm and sunny with a wonderfully blue sky and flowers in bright colours all around – so much food for the soul. Only to wake up this morning to a freezing 0 degrees Celsius and ice cold wind bringing one big snowfall after another – I am so glad that I haven´t done any work in my garden yet! However, my little seedlings from last month´s sowing are growing nicely in their pots, though most of them are still quite tiny. Perhaps they will be ready to go in the garden at the end of the month… There will (hopefully) be 2 different types of green lettuce, bush tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, pack choi, oriental garlic, and chive. My two mint plants are my pride and joy, they will stay on the porch so I can brew fresh mint tea all day long :o)

Okay, time to go back to the dyepot. There will be more variegated rovings this week!

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