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Gradient colourway and spring greetings

Jean Aycock of FoxtrotFibers is a very lovely customer of mine. She purchased one of my handpainted merino rovings, handspun it into a plied yarn with a gradient colourway and used it for a weaving project. Have a look, the shifting colours are fantastic:

A space painted roving, like Jean´s lot, can be spun in many different ways, resulting in either a variegated, self striping or colour shifting (gradient) colourway, there really are no limits.
For example, the roving can be split lengthwise into as many thin and very long strands as necessary and then worsted spun that way, creating e.g. a single self striping yarn, or a variegated plied yarn (plied with 2 separate threads), or a self striping navajo plied yarn (3-plied) where the colours shift in short sequences.
For a controlled gradient colourway the roving can be pulled apart into short single colour chunks and then spun using the inch worm technique. This is a technique I personally prefer if I want certain colours to meet for a greater length within the yarn, once it has been plied. I usually place the colour chunks for two single threads in line next to each other and then wool spin them one by one, holding the short strand horizontally. Wool spinning makes the yarn fluffier and bouncier than worsted spinning. I like gradient yarns very much, though they require a bit more fiber preparation and a balanced spinning technique for a plied version. But they are so worth it and great fun indeed!!

Okay, since last month (sorry, no February blog due to a very bad cold…) I have been restocking my wool curls, thick and thin yarns and drum carded batts. There is also a new yarn and a new merino-silk batt available in my etsy store – I can´t resist the combination of purples and greens, they are perfect “fairy” colours. I just have to do them on a regular basis. ;o)


Speaking of fairies, Easter is drawing nearer, and there is no Easter without a spring fairy soap made of pure natural plant oils, cocoa butter, and a perfect scent of honey and spring blossoms:

These soap babies are currently curing but will be ready towards the end of the month.
Everybody have a wonderful and creative spring season!


Autumn impressions

The month of November is starting on a high note, I love it! As the days will most certainly become darker and duller quite soon let´s take in all the splendour of the autumn season, enjoy the magnificient colours of mother nature and take long walks out into the fields and forests. It´s absolutely worth it!




herbst15jherbst15kNotice the little ladybug…


I have not been idle these past weeks and hand painted new batches of my English Leicester curly fleeces, some Bluefaced Leicester curly fleece, I carded more super fine 18 micron merino-silk batts (gorgeously soft!!!!), and my 20 colour merino roving bags (24/6 micron) are fully stocked again. They weigh a whopping 250g (8.9oz) per bag and are perfect for felting projects, handspinning and dolls hair – very handy for beginners in felting and spinning as well. The fibres are distributed in my etsy store and ebayUK store:

#80 new


bfl autumn

el ocker1

el rusty brown

el pink



Everyone have a very colourful and creative November!


This weekend has been so beautiful with a warm sunshine and a magnificent blue sky, I think that winter has now mostly forgotten about us here, I am SO glad! And because little Kitty was able to take her first sunbath on Sunday afternoon,  I am announcing the beginning of an early spring season, in February, that’s right. ;o)


Therefore there  is now a special early spring offer for  FREE shipping worldwide on all etsy orders of $100 or more (just use the coupon code SHIP4FREE at the etsy checkout),

OR  a special early spring discount of 10% on all orders (excl. shipping) made through my etsyDaWanda or ebayUK store if you quote my blog code: WOOL&SPRING4ME  .Just send me an e-mail after your purchase.The 10% discount offer will be valid until my next blog comes out. :o)    The 10% discount offer is now over as of March 29th. Free shipping over $100.00 will remain on!



Fluffy clouds of wool and spring soaps

I am in the middle of a major wool painting session, and about 1/3 of it came off the wool rack today. 80/20 ultra fine merino-silk braids (GORGEOUS), now displayed in my etsy store, and extra fine handspun slub yarn (YUMMY) listed in my ebayUK store. Here they are:





And my 2 new batches of cold pressed natural soaps, that I announced in my last blog, have finished curing and are now displayed in my DaWanda store. The first batch comes with a wonderful lilac scent, that will take you straight back to the spring season, and the 2nd batch comes with a blend of sweet orange and a pinch of warm cinnamon, a magnificent scent that calms the senses:



I am waiting on an early bulk of freshly clipped wensleydale fleece to arrive. I didn’t expect  to receive it this month, rather towards the end of July. It certainly doesn’t make me unhappy. Though I paid quite a fortune for it this time (it is supposed to be of very high quality….we will see, huh?) this means that new handpainted lots may be in stock again, sooner than expected – WONDERFUL!!   Updates soon here on my blog. :o)

Fairy Dust and Royal Baby Alpaca

Time flies, almost a month has passed since my last blog, and I have been a very busy bee, I can tell you. :o) I received my first 2012 bulk of clipped German royal baby alpaca white fleece of the finest quality, a mere 17 micron, silky soft and a true beauty! Half of it is already washed and sorted, and I will prepare a listing for some of the fleece in my etsy store soon. I want to take more photos because the current picture was taken with the sun shining directly on the fleece turning its original snow white colour into buttery yellow….yep, need to take some better photos:



I also handpainted 1.2kg (2.6lb) of extra soft Bluefaced Leicester roving, 70/30 super fine merino/silk roving and super fine merino roving, already listed in my etsy store, my ebayUK store and my DaWanda store:









I have also been planning 2 new knitting projects for my ongoing online exhibition . The knitting will be done by Usch from the Netherlands, a wonderful and very talented person indeed. She has helped me many times before with the online exhibition, and her knitwork is really beautiful. For one of these projects I painted and spun a 50/50 blend of Australian merino and polwarth fibre from New Zealand. It was the first time I used these two fibres together, and the yarns have come out very beautifully, close to the skin soft and bouncy – ME VEEEEERY PLEASED! :o)




And what would my blog be without a new batch of natural soap!? Tataaaa – here comes my latest creation of the finest soap ever – filled with lots of unsaponified jojoba oil for extra skin care and a very sensual and enchanting scent of white orchid, rose and peach. I have called the soap “Fairy Dust”, a very well fitting name:










I love my new soap babes. They are now displayed in my DaWanda store. :o)

2 more batches of natural soap are currently curing and will be listed around the 10th of May. One batch comes with a gorgeous lilac scent and the second one is my “Orange Blossom”, with a sweet and flowery orange scent. Very yummy indeed!

Okay, that’s all for today’s blog. I have to get back to the dyepot, another 2.6lb of rovings need painting today, and another bulk of unwashed royal baby alpaca fleece is waiting to be soaked.

Everyone have a very good weekend and HAPPY FIBRE CRAFTING!

Gothic soap and more yarn

Here comes my new batch of handmade natural soap called “Gothic Nirvana”. The scent is one of my favourites, it is a very beautiful and warm blend of patchouli, vanilla, cinnamon and some rose – very enchanting and soothing indeed, with an oriental touch. Perfect for both, women and men. I also included my fairy and nymph designs made with the same scent – they will come in a giftbox,  and the bars will be packed in natural cotton string bags. The soaps are displayed in my DaWanda store :






and I finally finished the first 2.2lbs of the grey and white custom yarn – the skeins are not washed and set yet,  they will become fluffier and more even after their first wash. ….only 6.5lbs of carded fibre left to spin now.. ;o)


There are also several bags of handpainted wensleydale curly fleece in blues/purples/pinks packed and displayed in my DaWanda store, and the very last batch of fleece locks in the same colourway is listed in my ebayUK store, until August/September when my new bulk of freshly clipped fleeces will arrive:




The coldest day and a bulk of fluffy wool

Man, it’s been mighty cold outside for the past 10 days or so, I have been finding it really hard to walk Sam at minus 15 degrees Celsius, other parts of Germany are currently measuring down to minus 23 degrees.  Sam has been wearing his winter coat, I have been wearing several layers of undergarments, double thermo pants and two pairs of thick socks,  plus all wrapped into a thermo coat …. and yet I am freezing up out there within minutes. I know, I know,  Norse people and Canadians will have a good laugh reading this right now. You guys are so used to these temperatures, bless you, you don’t have any trouble driving in 6 feet of snow either, I do admire that, really!  I will have to drive down the mountain quite often within the next week, and I am dreading just the tought of it… according to the weather forecast we will be getting a healthy amount of snow around Wednesday….not sure I like it, not sure at all. I am seriously thinking about getting a 4-wheel-drive, the mountain roads are just too steep for my van, things can get really slippery up here.

Well, let’s change the subject. I have dyed a new batch of rovings for my online stores, my tea tree & rosemary soap has finished curing, and I finished another wholesale order last weekend, which has  gone to a feltmaker in Northern Germany. Some customers don’t mind if I take a photo of the wholesale rovings and yarns for my blog, others request that they will not be displayed, so please don’t be wondering if I don’t display any further information other than when I started and finished the order.  Okay, here are my own rovings (merino, merino-silk, polwarth), which you can find in my ebayUK store, my etsy store and also in my DaWanda store :

And here are the new soap designs with tea tree & rosemary essential oil,  specially suitable for problematic skin:

Today I received a large parcel from a customer, filled with the most gorgeous bulk of blended German down wool and German angora wool, a dream to run your fingers through!  It’s a whopping 8 lbs of fibre that I will be custom spinning into worsted weight yarn, which will take me….forever…give or take a few days…. Luckily the lady, who is the proud owner of these fluffy beauties,  is not in a rush of receiving the yarns back, otherwise I don’t think that I could have accepted this order. But I will most certainly enjoy spinning this blend, and I can also take some photos of the yarns to add them to my blog later.  :o)

Last but not least, a new handspun yarn design (they have become a bit rare lately, I know) has also made it into my etsy store, it’s a worsted weight, wpi 11, 100% merino superwash wool, very colourful and veeeeery soft. That’s all for now. Everyone have a very good weekend and KEEP WARM.


Here comes my new pagan and fairy batch of handmade soap with  a gorgeous scent of wild jasmine, sandalwood and ambergris, now displayed in my DaWanda store: :o)

My second batch of soap with tea tree & rosemary essential oil is not quite ready yet,  it needs to cure for another 2 weeks.  Fresh yarns handpainted rovings and carded batts to come soon, I am way behind with everything…SORRY!

Silk in all its splendour

Ooooh,  several new colours of pure mulberry silk fibre have made it into my ebayUK store: Bronze, Mocha, Light Grey, Ocean Blue and Lavender Purple.  They are truly gorgeous and absolutely yummy!!! Perfect for handspinning the finest silk yarns, adding to felting material for extra sheen, and of course for papermaking. Here they are:

This makes a current total of 19 different available colours, including natural white.

For all my dollmakers, 3 new batches of handpainted wensleydale curls will be sorted within the next week, they are still drying on the wool rack. There will be fresh lots of dark sea blue, teal and a wonderful corn blonde with a touch of ginger. I am doing my best to get them out and displayed as fast as possible, I am leaving trails of smoke  I am working so fast. :o)

Plus 2 new yarn designs are now out and displayed in my Etsy store and in my DaWanda store: A great blend of 70% virgin wool, 15% mulberry silk and 15% bamboo, making this yarn soft and yet resilient if used for sock knitting!


And since the beginning of the year I have also been painting new spinning and felting fibre: Polwarth, Bluefaced Leicester, super fine Merino and of course my popular super fine Merino-Silk blend. The rovings are all distributed throughout my online stores:





Last but not least 2 new soap batches are currently curing and will be ready for sale around the beginning of Febuary: One batch of finest almond oil&olive soap and another lot of soap for problematic skin with rosemary essential oil and teatree oil, one of my favourites. :o)

That’s all for now folks. Let me get back to the dyepot and paint  a new lot of silk scarves for my nunofelters and also for people who simply just want to wear the colours. ;o)


Rose geranium in summer and new water scheme yarns

I believe that summer has somehow arrived, but could we please have more even temperatures please??? Man, 1 week I am freezing off my bum with a very sad 15 degrees Celsius outside, and next thing you know the thermometer hits a whopping 35 degrees within just 24 hours – COME ON!!!!!  The huge jump really gets to your blood pressure, and I personally did not cope with it well at all. This kind of weather makes you really tired, you drag yourself from A to B, your brains are no longer, they have been replaced by fluffy cotton wool. It doesn’t help with the daily tasks ahead of you. Well, I managed everything at snail pace, which is better than no pace at all, huh.  So 3 new handpainted yarn designs have made it into my Etsy store, all in very vibrant and rich water shades from teal, aquamarine and pond green to petrol blue and petrol green, very beautiful, have a look:

Also several new handpainted wool rovings came off the drying rack since my last blog, 2 more lots are currently drying, and these are the latest 2 that were listed on etsy yesterday:

I have shared out all the lots between my Etsy store and my DaWanda store.

Today is another rather cold and windy day, around 14 degrees Celsius, and before we get one more of those famous intermittent hot days I thought I should use up the remains of my coconut oil stock before it goes rancid with the heat. I made a very lovely 4 lb  batch of rose geranium soap with lots and lots of good old shea butter.  The captivating scent and its vibrant colour bring back the sunshine without the heat…nice!

My rose butter batch from last month will have finished curing by the end of next week, and the soaps will then be displayed in my ebayUK store and of course in my DaWanda store :o)

Okay, back to the dyepot now. Everyone have a very lovely summer,  keep cool…or warm…whatever the weather will throw at you!



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