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Restocked and new fiber beauties


The 20-colours merino mixed bags no.80 and no.70 are now restocked and available again through my etsy store and my ebayUK store. Also the purple rainbow merino roving and brown rainbow merino roving are back in stock and displayed in my etsy store,


I carded new batches of super soft merino/silk batts – I didn´t entirely get around the autumn colours, I know it´s still summer, but I love those shades too much to leave them out. :o)


And of course some new yarns and rovings were created this month, merino/silk blends, bluefaced leicester, pure merino rovings, wensleydale long locks, hand painted merino lace, baby alpaca fingering weight, and a beautiful handspun thick and thin super chunky baby in stripey black, white and, grey that I have called “Snowy Rock”. Have a look:



Remember my pink-purple handspun merino-bluefaced leicester yarn from July´s blog? Well, I spun a second skein in the same colourway and a third one in multicolor rainbow yarn from my space dyed wool slivers, coming to about 310g (10.9oz) of yarn between worsted and chunky weight, with an approximate total length of 400m (440yds). I crocheted a beautiful and cosy hooded scarf with them. I love the finished piece very much, it came out the way I had hoped. It will be perfect for very cold weather. I kept my promise, didn´t I? I did not crochet another beanie…. :o)



Fiber Update

Fresh super fine drum carded 18 micron merino/silk batts, wensleydale hand sorted curls and exra soft hand painted merino and polwarth rovings are now available through my etsy store and my ebayUK store. Feel free to have a look :o)


Everyone have a very good spring weekend!

Autumn impressions

The month of November is starting on a high note, I love it! As the days will most certainly become darker and duller quite soon let´s take in all the splendour of the autumn season, enjoy the magnificient colours of mother nature and take long walks out into the fields and forests. It´s absolutely worth it!




herbst15jherbst15kNotice the little ladybug…


I have not been idle these past weeks and hand painted new batches of my English Leicester curly fleeces, some Bluefaced Leicester curly fleece, I carded more super fine 18 micron merino-silk batts (gorgeously soft!!!!), and my 20 colour merino roving bags (24/6 micron) are fully stocked again. They weigh a whopping 250g (8.9oz) per bag and are perfect for felting projects, handspinning and dolls hair – very handy for beginners in felting and spinning as well. The fibres are distributed in my etsy store and ebayUK store:

#80 new


bfl autumn

el ocker1

el rusty brown

el pink



Everyone have a very colourful and creative November!

Curls in felt and yarn, and more rainbow

I have been wanting to do some wet felting for months and never got around it. But now I finshed a wonderful merino-silk scarf from my hand carded batts, handpainted wensleydale locks and bluefaced leicester curly fleece. I am very happy with the result. I tend to go for autumn colours when I have the choice, so here it is, my new felt scarf:




merino-seide herbst


bfl vlies herbst I have displayed the scarf in my online exhibition.

Apart from felting I also handspun a new wensleydale art yarn in autumn colours and natural grey. And for all my quick knitters, felting artists, doll- and dreadmakers a new bulk of my handspun&handpainted “Prisma” slub yarn is now back in stock. The yarns can be found in my etsy store:






Everyone have a wonderful weekend, Happy Summer Solistice and Happy Fibre Crafting !

                                                        summer solstice 

Fresh colours and fiber beauties

Time flies, and I am painting, spinning and carding 24/7, I´m having a great time now that the weather is absolutely perfect for processing my fibers. I wish spring would last all year! :o)

4 new colourways of super soft merino/silk (mulesing free) and pure merino wool roving (mulesing free) came off the drying board today and are now listed in my etsy store,  2 new batches of wensleydale locks have made their way into my ebayUK store, and several lots of handpainted single Leicester curls are displayed in my DaWanda store. Have a look at my new fiber babies:








wenlo reddish brown

wenlo leafMy handspun and handpainted merino slub yarn Lime-Teal-Purple is back in stock, and of the hand carded merino-silk batts all standard colourways are readily available. Everyone enjoy the Spring season and HAPPY FIBRE CRAFTING!! :o)

Jungle yarn and pink with aubergine

3 new colourways of merino wool roving are now in stock, commercially dyed with eco friendly dyes and beautifully soft (21/2 micron), perfect for wet/nuno/needle felting, hand spinning, dreadmaking and dolls hair. I also made a batch of slub yarn from 2 of these lots, both now displayed in my ebayUK store, and the rovings are also available through my etsy store. $_74$_70$_76 $_10 $_13I also painted some more of my soft Icelandic wool in vibrant autumn colours and handspun a new very soft spanish merino slub yarn in a natural dark mocha brown, a real natural beauty, and ever so fluffy!


slub yarn mocha2this natural brown beauty will make perfect dolls hair. Okay, that´s all for now. My standard merino-silk hand carded batts will be restocked by tomorrow, please bear with me. :o)

Fresh colours and fibres, and Monster High dolls

I am so waiting for spring to arrive, I am desperate for warm sunshine and blue sky, sick of snow, ice and mud. It may not take long anymore now, the birds are already in spring mode, their chirping contests are absolutely fabulous, I love when they have a party in the forest and in the open fields. During the month of February I have been restocking my handpainted and handspun merino slub yarns, batts and rovings. I have also added new lots of handpainted and commercially dyed merino rovings in gorgeous and vibrant colours, handpainted british bluefaced leicester and wensleydale fleece, plus a new merino lace and a 70-15-15 wool-silk-bamboo yarn that I have called “Thuja” + “Embers”. As always these yarns and fibre babies can be found in my etsy store and ebayUK store.








In this blog I would also like to introduce Sindy, a dollmaker from Sweden, who works with funky and very beautiful Monster High Dolls. For the dolls hair she often uses my curly wensleydale fleeces, bluefaced leicester fleece, single colour merino and rainbow merino wool rovings to create fantastic hairstyles, here are some of her sweeties:





She really does a marvelous job on the hair-dos. She also sells these sweet little creatures, and you can follow Sindy through her blog “Das Leben des Menschen”. Feel free to visit her site, she updates it on a regular basis.

The fibers and fleeces are available through my ebayUK store and my etsy store.

Everyone have a very good weekend, and HAPPY FIBRE CRAFTING! :o)

Savannah and new purples

We have had a good amount of snow and ice so far. At one point the roads were completely blocked, and I had to take my heavy postage sack and dig my way through the snow to our little post office in the next village, meaning a 1 hour walk (one way, mind you) through the forest with up to 40cm of fresh snow on the tracks…..don´t ask, I didn´t really need that extra exercise but at least all orders were dispatched on time. This is very important to me. When I personally order something through the internet I sort of want it to arrive “on the same day” because I am simply very excited. So I certainly understand when my customers want to receive their woolly goodies as fast as possible too. Luckily our roads are not blocked with snow that often during the wniter, it´s rather an exception.

Apart from restocking my standard handcarded batts and handpainted fibres I finished a new 1 lb batch of my yummy handspun and handpainted merino slub yarn in very earthy  colours, I have called it “Savannah”. It is now displayed in my ebayUK store, and one 3.6oz skein is also displayed in my DaWanda store. Also, 3 new sets of super soft (21 micron) and ultra soft (18 micron) merino/silk handcarded batts are now available through my etsy store:







Everyone, keep warm and healthy, and HAPPY FIBRE CRAFTING . :o)

Fluffy batts and an orange day

The bulk order of 13×4 drum carded merino-silk batts (each lot of 4 weighing between 7.4-7.9oz/210-225g)  has been finished for a Bulgarian souvenir and fibre store:

I think I will take a 2-day carding break now ;o)

Yesterday we finally had some heavy rainfall after days of heat and dust, unbearable really. The light during one of the rainstorms was stunning!

What seems to be yellow mist in the picture is in fact a very heavy rainshower. It looked fantastic, unfortunately the thick raindrops did not show in the photo. Today’s weather is nice and cool, cloudy with a little bit of wind, just my type of weather!! It won’t last though, we are expecting up to 37 degrees AGAIN until Sunday. I am truly looking forward to the autumn season.

3 days ago I was in a the mood for orange colours, not sure why, but I painted some Polwarth and some BFL rovings in a typical Tequila Sunrise colourway, now listed in my Etsy store:

Today is spinning day, I need to restock my slub yarns,  so I better get pedalling! :o)

Fresh batts and a new cushion for Sam

So, winter has come back to us….I must have been daydreaming, thinking that the last 2 weeks of blissful spring temperatures and lots of sunshine would announce an early change of season here in Germany. Man, it’s only January, there can still be a lot of frost and snow to be expected until April! I wish it was real spring already, the past days have been such a lovely foretaste, I loved it, and so did Sam.  He is truly getting old, he’s not walking as fast as he used to, and he doesn’t do that much running outside anymore. I guess it’s time for a thermo-jacket…I am not a fan of dressing up pets, in fact, I believe that they have naturally and reasonably thick coats that should keep them warm during the cold weather seasons, but with old pets you do get worried, they become so fragile, and because they move more slowly they don’t warm up properly outside. I make Sam sound really old now, he’s still a frisky dog though, and he jumps after his tennis ball like a pup, but I can’t deny the fact that he has become a real senior. I have given him a new cushion, it looks a bit like a waterbed…AND SAM LOVES IT!!!!

once he properly curls up in there he almost disappears, that looks so snug!

Anyway, 4 new lots of freshly drum carded merino-silk batts have made it into my stores, 3 of them are now displayed in my German DaWanda store

and the 4th lot is a 4-pack, now displayed in my Etsy store.

Also a lovely mix of soft and super soft wool/silk neeps and bits have made it into my ebayUK store.  It will be perfect for any felting project!

This may not look like much to show for after 3 weeks of not adding any news to my blog, but I am currently working on some custom orders, plus I had to restock my regulars, like e.g. the handpainted ultra fine merino-silk rovings and my handspun and handpainted thick and thin yarns. That took me quite some time. Another bulk lot of handpainted BFL curly fleece is currently drying on the wool board so I can restock my BFL fleece mixed bags. Yep, never stop painting and spinning :o)



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