December treats

Towards the end of the year I have painted a last December batch of 50/50 merino/silk rovings that are now displayed in my etsy store and a new crochet slouchy hat has come to life from my handpainted extra soft merino yarn “Amber Forest”. I have also sorted several bags of natural grey and handpainted wensleydale curls, 4 lots of drum carded merino/silk batts, also available on etsy  ,



Okay, that´s all for the rest of the year :o) Let me get back into my kitchen and try a new round of handmade Christmas cake….the first one exploded in the oven….nice….the second lot never rose….and the third one better be a well behaved and well baked cake, or else! I will also prepare a chestnut-chocolate mousse for 3.Advent Sunday, that should be an easy task…I think. Though I can´t promise that it will indeed make it to the family table, it is ever so delicious!! :o)

Everyone have a peaceful Christmas and a very happy and prosperous New Year!



Christmas season

The year is almost over…again….man, time flies, the older you get the faster things move. Or is it just me? I don´t like this fast pace one bit, it seems that my mind is so busy with all that sorting and planning through the days and months that, if I can get a moment of blissful nil in my head, I suddently find myself a good three seasons further on, and I wonder what I did in between!?
That is why I love the Christmas season so much. Many years ago my family decided that we would spend every Advent weekend together, enjoying lunch and teatime, strolling over the Christmas markets, walking through the fields and forests, having a lot of good laughs and just spending time together. And next thing you know time moves at a very different pace, allowing me to take things in and to clearly be aware of them. Yes, I can actually grab a thought and hold it! Yay!

So here comes my last blog for 2016, just a few updates, aaaaand a new handspun crochet slouchy beanie….ooh I just had to! I made it with 190yds of my handspun single merino yarn “Fairyland”. Have a look, the colourway is beautiful!

Plus all 48 colours of my 24 micron mulesing free merino roving are fully in stock, and can also be found in my etsy store, I sell them in 1oz lots, so you can choose your own mix of colours in one bag:


The undyed natural black and grey wensleydale curls are also sorted and stocked up:



Wanna see what I felted with my handspun thick and thin yarn “Hogmanay” and the rainbow merino roving in magenta and purple shades?

This felt scarf came out so beautifully, it is gorgeously soft, and the colours are very rich and vibrant indeed. I used 3.5oz of the rainbow roving and 5 yds of “Hogmanay”.

I also handspun a slightly thick and thin single merino yarn and knitted a pair of fingerless gloves for my little nephew in his favourite colours, yellow, red and blue, he asked for the gloves as a Christmas gift. I hope he will like the way I have placed the colours within the gloves. Aunty Heike thinks they look pretty funky. :o)


Okay, time for the Christmas market! Everyone, have a very happy and peaceful third Advent weekend, and Happy Holidays!

Yummy purple…and we have been featured…yay!

I have steadily been preparing for the Christmas holidays. All the presents are wrapped and well hidden, Christmas greeting cards mailed off, the Christmas dinner menu decided and thoroughly studied. But before I dive into the festivities I thought I should do one last purple dip before the year ends :o) So I hand painted some more wensleydale curls, another set of my very yummy super fine 18 micron merino/silk blend, and I also sat down behind my spinning wheel and finished another lot of my super bulky jumbo thick and thin merino yarn, which is perfect for giant knitting (any needle size of 25mm+ will do). Apart from that I washed one last bulk of english leicester fleece last night, and I will now give myself a well deserved fleece washing break until late January next year… or perhaps even longer… :o)

jumbo II

Jumbo IIb





There are always new batches of freshly painted and sorted wool locks available in my Etsy store ,


Some of my hand carded batts, that I also sell through my DaWanda store, have been featured in the 1/2016 edition of the german craft magazine “Simply Kreativ”. I am mighty proud of it, I dare say :o)



Okayyy, enough with the boasting ;o).

Everyone have a very peaceful 4th Advent and an unhurried and Happy Christmas!!






Advent and the woolly season

I would like to wish everyone a very happy 1st Advent! I understand that not every country celebrates the 4 Advent Sundays towards Christmas, though I am sure that a lot of people are doing their best to actually slow down one gear and to take their time contemplating just a little during this time of the year. I am not a very religious person but the Advent time is special and very dear to me, it calms me down in all the hectic and fast pace global life all around and reminds me over and over that there are indeed more important things in this world to treasure and preserve than to keep chasing after material things, working 24/7 and well towards a solid heart attack, or to spend too little time with the family, am I right, or am I right? :o) The slowing down part does not always work of course, we all have a life to lead and money to earn to bring food on the table. Still, I believe it is worth trying to slow down just a bit in between.

This year’s Advent wreath comes with candles in burnt orange, just to change colours every now and then. I usually have the traditional dark red candles but I somehow felt like burnt orange this year.


My little sister gave me a very pretty Advent calender – it is filled with little chocolates, and every day in December you are allowed to open one door and take out the cholcolate, until December 24th, when we celebrate Christmas in Germany. I loooove chocolate, and I eat way too much of it!! Well, as long as my pants still fit me I should be okay…


Even our little house gnome Gilbert has got his very own candle. This one is lit all day when we are at home. Gilbert guards it very well…with some distance though….mind you he’s made of pure wool felt, I would hate to see his beard or his pointy hat go up in flames. :o)


In case I don’t get to write a December blog, everyone have a truly happy and peaceful Christmas season, and keep enjoying your woolly fiber projects! XXX

Fibers everywhere, and Christmas shopping

There was absolutely no time left to add anything to my blog last month, I’m afraid. It’s been washing, sorting, carding, painting, spinning and packing fibres 24/7.  I also received my last 45 pound bulk order of white raw wensleydale fleeces for this year, and I really want to get it washed and sorted by the end of the year.


I have already started soaking some of the fleece, and 2 lots are currently sitting in their dye bath, so there will be more of my autumn gold-ocre lot coming back soon to my ebayUK store, and also another dark brown-black-reddish brown lot.

This week I will be finishing another custom order of 4 skeins of handspun and handpainted wensleydale curly yarn, my “Curly Tales”, that will be used by a lovely lady in the US for dollshair. I still need to spin a chocolate-taupe lot of shearling fleece,  3 skeins are already finished:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe lot on the right is spun from my autumn gold-ocre shearling locks, the 2 skeins on the left are regular length wensleydale fleece curls, one in rusty brown/light brown colours, the other lot also in milk chocolate-taupe.



And of course I have been doing some Christmas shopping. Within my family we draw lots, so each person gets to buy something lovely for another family member. That way we save ourselves the frenzy of hustling around trying to find a nice gift for so many individuals. It also spares your wallet. :o) My lovely neighbours will be getting handknit socks (they don’t read my blog so I can reveal their gifts already), andsome of  my new soaps “Ginger&Sandalwood” and “English Rose”, readily cured to go online in my DaWanda store in about 1 week.

I usually either create something myself for Christmas from my yarns, soaps or fibres, or I browse around on the online craft markets such as Etsy and DaWanda because there is nothing better to give away as a present than a handmade gift. While I was looking at various categories on etsy, looking for something in rainbow colours, I came across these 2 beauties below, and decided to purchase them for my sisters, outside of the Christmas draw agreement,  so not just their kids will be getting something lovely for Santa day (that’s on December 6th here in Germany) but they will too, for all their hard work and daily efforts,  juggling what is thrown at them household/kids and job wise. :o)

kitchen towel

kitchen towel2

Aren’t these 2 tea/kitchen towels just beautifully handwoven? I got them from Melissa on etsy – Melissa if you read this, I had to use the original photos of your listing because I so fast packed up these 2 babies into giftwraps that I totally forgot to take some photos! I am so much in the packing mode, I can’t seem to think straight anymore. :o) I really love these 2 towels, and so will my sisters.  The Christmas present for the person I drew I can’t display yet, I’m not sure if any of my family members will be reading my blog, and I will not give away the person I drew!


Last but not least I have added 2 new beautiful garments to my online exhibition on my website one absolutely beautifully handwoven scarf, and one pair of crazy multicolour Skew socks.  :o)



Feel free to visit my online exhibition for more information on the yarns and of course the crafty people behind these beauties!

Everyone have a very peaceful and merry Christmas Season.


Last blog 2012

Man, time really flies, and I admit that I have been neglecting my blog for the past weeks. Each year there is so much to do around Christmas time. I never stop packing orders, dyeing rovings and yarns and hopping to the post office.  We had a lot of snow until last week (1 inch of snow fell per hour), and there have been problems on the roads, railways and at the airports, so I am really hoping that everyone will receive his/her order right on time for Christmas!

I am planning to take full advantage of the Christmas bank holidays! I want to do….absolutely nothing…..I want to sleep in,  celebrate Christmas eve with my family, have a wonderful Christmas dinner, and take old Sam for a Christmas walk. That is all I want really. But until then there is still work to do. I washed the last of 5 white wensleydale shearling fleeces today and sorted another 2 batches of handpainted wensleydale fleece that are now displayed in my ebayUK store, one lot in vibrant magenta shades and the second lot in lemon+lime shades, beautiful, absolutely beautiful.


wenlo violett3

Apart from that several lots of handspun slub yarn have been stocked up in my ebay store, and new handpainted rovings made it into my etsy store and my DaWanda store as well, I just never had the time to announce them here on my blog, so sorry about that!



Everyone have a very happy and peaceful Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year 2013!! :o)