September colours

Here are my first batches of handpainted bluefaced leicester and shetland wool rovings in wonderful heathered autumn colours, a total of 3 lbs. They are displayed in my etsy store and in my DaWanda store:


There will be more batches of heathered colourways, and handpainted super soft merino roving will be coming up soon.

Everyone have a colourful autumn season!


wool rovings delight

Here comes my roving update before the end of the month, 2.2lbs of hand painted eco friendly wool beauties, mulesing free merino wool (21 micron) and 50/50 merino/silk rovings, now available in my etsy store and my Dawanda store:


Plus, all 49 colours of my 24 micron merino roving fiber are now back in stock and available through etsy :



Everyone, have a very good Summer season! :o)

The crocheted felting experiment

So I´ve tried a crocheted felting project. I never tried one before. I have been doing loads of wet and nuno felting, and many needle felting projects too. But crocheted felting? Okay, to keep this story short, I handspun a heavy worsted (aran) single yarn (2×3.5oz/110yds) from my 24 micron merino rovings, that can be found in my etsy store – I used several colours from my 9oz 20 colour mix, I picked the colours quite randomly really. I crocheted a pair of XXXL slippers, using an 8mm hook, and washed the slippers at 60 degrees Celsius for one cycle in my washing machine (the washing cycle took around 1 1/1 hours). And, ta taa……

I am wearing these lovely babies almost every day, they are wonderfully dense, strong and yet soft, I am quite surprised. I love them. :o)

I have increased my stock of handspun thick and thin merino yarns and added 3 new colours, vibrant orange, pansy purple, and opal blue, they can be found in my ebay listing on ebayUK:

And 2 new handspun yarns have made it into my etsy store, with great colour combinations, one perfect for knitted felting, and the second one an extra soft merino yarn, here they are:


Everyone, have a wonderful and creative summer season! Keep safe. :o)

Autumn impressions

The month of November is starting on a high note, I love it! As the days will most certainly become darker and duller quite soon let´s take in all the splendour of the autumn season, enjoy the magnificient colours of mother nature and take long walks out into the fields and forests. It´s absolutely worth it!




herbst15jherbst15kNotice the little ladybug…


I have not been idle these past weeks and hand painted new batches of my English Leicester curly fleeces, some Bluefaced Leicester curly fleece, I carded more super fine 18 micron merino-silk batts (gorgeously soft!!!!), and my 20 colour merino roving bags (24/6 micron) are fully stocked again. They weigh a whopping 255g (9oz) per bag and are perfect for felting projects, handspinning and dolls hair – very handy for beginners in felting and spinning as well. The fibre bags are displayed in my etsy store

#80 new


bfl autumn

el ocker1

el rusty brown

el pink



Everyone have a very colourful and creative November!

First summer clip

I finally received my first bulk of this year´s freshly clipped Bluefaced Leicester fleeces and have been digging my hands into them to get 50lbs of raw curly wool handwashed and sorted as quickly as possible, so I will be able to smoothly move onto the new bulk of fresh wensleydale raw fleeces I am expecting in August. I am also hoping to get some premium English Leicester curly fleece, yummy stuff!  Summer time is always a very busy time for me, I never stop washing, sorting and painting fleeces. I will have to raise my fleece prices this year, I´m afraid. The BFL fleeces are now on the same price level as wensleydale fleece at the global wool auction. Its wool price has risen an absolutely incredible 700% since 2007.

Here are some photos of the first new handpainted BFL fleeces, and some more Merino and Polwarth hand painted wool rovings/combed tops that I have distributed in my etsy store, ebayUK store, and my DaWanda store :











25.7.gEveryone, HAPPY FIBER CRAFTING! :o)

Heatwave and hot wool

I hope that everyone made it okay through last week´s heatwave in Germany. We had a whopping 40 degrees Celsius ( = 104 degrees Fahrenhet) in the Southwest….no fun….me curling up and wanting to die….,with warmest greetings from the Sahara desert. Now the winds are blowing from the North again bringing fresh breezes from Scandinavia…..THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have therefore finished a new 2.2 lbs bulk of handpainted merino and merino/silk rovings, and also spun a new lot of merino slub yarn (thick and thin yarn) in red shades, and a very beautiful merino yarn in, yep, autumn colours. :o) These new babies are displayed in my etsy store, on ebayUK and my DaWanda store. Everyone have a very good Summer weekend with very agreeable 30 degrees ( = 86 degrees Fahrenheit)!









slub reds2b

Happy Easter!

Before I take off for the Easter holidays with my family and pets I would like to introduce my new addition of spinning/felting fibres: A very lovely quality German merino wool and a surprisingly soft Icelandic wool that I will be stocking from now on.


$_14The Icelandic wool is a natural streaky light grey, which shows beautifully underneath and gives an earthy touch to the colours.

I also painted some more super soft 50/50 merino-silk fibre, a gorgeously soft baby alpaca wool, and some more of my extra fine merino wool. Feel free to visit my etsy store and my ebayUK store for more fibre information.




Happy Easter everyone and Happy Egg Hunt!



Fresh colours and fibres, and Monster High dolls

I am so waiting for spring to arrive, I am desperate for warm sunshine and blue sky, sick of snow, ice and mud. It may not take long anymore now, the birds are already in spring mode, their chirping contests are absolutely fabulous, I love when they have a party in the forest and in the open fields. During the month of February I have been restocking my handpainted and handspun merino slub yarns, batts and rovings. I have also added new lots of handpainted and commercially dyed merino rovings in gorgeous and vibrant colours, handpainted british bluefaced leicester and wensleydale fleece, plus a new merino lace and a 70-15-15 wool-silk-bamboo yarn that I have called “Thuja” + “Embers”. As always these yarns and fibre babies can be found in my etsy store and ebayUK store.








In this blog I would also like to introduce Sindy, a dollmaker from Sweden, who works with funky and very beautiful Monster High Dolls. For the dolls hair she often uses my curly wensleydale fleeces, bluefaced leicester fleece, single colour merino and rainbow merino wool rovings to create fantastic hairstyles, here are some of her sweeties:





She really does a marvelous job on the hair-dos. She also sells these sweet little creatures, and you can follow Sindy through her blog “Das Leben des Menschen”. Feel free to visit her site, she updates it on a regular basis.

The fibers and fleeces are available through my ebayUK store and my etsy store.

Everyone have a very good weekend, and HAPPY FIBRE CRAFTING! :o)

Autumn Colours

The hot months are finally over (ME SO HAPPY) and my favourite season has entered the lands.








Therefore it only makes sense to paint more of my gorgeous British Bluefaced Leicester fleece in very vibrant autumn colours, they will be so perfect, especially for landscape felting and for extra texture in other needle or wet felting projects. Some of the fleeces are also fine for handspinning straight off the lock, or first carding and then spinning the wool. The suitability will be mentioned in each item description.




I am currently thinking about another felt doll project made with my BFL curly fleece, I still need a pixie or a hill troll for my exhibition, and those never come with blonde hair now, do they.  These natural landscape colours would do ever so well.

In between I prepared some fibre for a handspun yarn, and for some reason I chose light spring colours….not sure why….there are plenty of fabulous autumn colours stored in my workshop. Can’t remember what crossed my mind that day, but the yarn came out wonderfully, I have called it “Springwalk II”, and it’s currently displayed in my etsy store, along with the new handpainted BFL fleeces:



Last but not least 2 new merino handpainted lots came into life last week, and we are back to autumn shades :o) The lots were painted in 4’s, so they are also distributed in my ebayUK store, and in my DaWanda store:




Everyone have a fantastic, colourful and crafty autumn season!!


The heat is on

This past week has been okay temperature wise, but we have already been hit by some serious heatwaves with up to 38 degrees Celsius, letting us roast away in no time. People who are used to this kind of heat, or live in hot areas of the planet will probably just kindly smile now. :o)

sommerhitze sommerhitze2


These hot days are no good for me, they make me want to just curl up and die. Nevertheless, I managed to paint my wools and card the batts vigorously at night-time ;o) . The stores are now fully stocked, all standard batts (greens, blues, purples, teals, country, pinks, reds) available, plus 3 new versions (pitch black with teal silk, browns, and aubergine/rosewood/sage-apple) are listed in my ebayUK store, etsy store and DaWanda store,








My handspun slub yarns are also restocked on ebayUK, including a new colourway that I have called “Safari”:

slub safari

The colourway below I have repeated by popular demand, in a batch of 6 (I usually paint in 3s and 4s):




We haven’t had any rain at all for the past 3 weeks, just the roasting heat coming from the Sahara desert. I think I will take an evening walk with Kitty and perhaps try to do a rain dance. The fire hazard level for our forest area has been raised to 5, the highest level. Makes me a bit uneasy….yep, will try some rain dancing tonight!