Crochet mood

And I am still crocheting away, just finished another Boho giant crochet scarf with 2 skeins of my handspun and handpainted polwarth/merino thick and thin yarn. I love this scarf very much, it is over 6 feet long without the fringes, extra soft, very squishy with lots and lots of texture. It is now displayed in my online exhibition, feel free to have a look for more details :o)




Right now I just can´t seem to get enough of my giant yarn, I am SO in the crocheting mood, so I also made a very warm and extra soft neckwarmer from 1 skein of my Jumbo handspun thick and thin merino yarn. I have included a photo of it in the Jumbo yarn descriptions of my etsy store for more information on how much can be finished with 24 yards of yarn (my Jumbo yarns measure approximately 28 yards per 100g (3.5oz) skein).


super slub2


Everyone in winterland, keep warm and snug, and Happy Fiber Crafting! :o)


Curls in felt and yarn, and more rainbow

I have been wanting to do some wet felting for months and never got around it. But now I finshed a wonderful merino-silk scarf from my hand carded batts, handpainted wensleydale locks and bluefaced leicester curly fleece. I am very happy with the result. I tend to go for autumn colours when I have the choice, so here it is, my new felt scarf:




merino-seide herbst


bfl vlies herbst I have displayed the scarf in my online exhibition.

Apart from felting I also handspun a new wensleydale art yarn in autumn colours and natural grey. And for all my quick knitters, felting artists, doll- and dreadmakers a new bulk of my handspun&handpainted “Prisma” slub yarn is now back in stock. The yarns can be found in my etsy store:






Everyone have a wonderful weekend, Happy Summer Solistice and Happy Fibre Crafting !

                                                        summer solstice 

The Incredible Rhubarb

I was in the mood to paint some yarns in my rhubarb colourway, I love this combination very much. :o) There is now a 50/50 cashmere/silk sport weight and lace weight yarn available in my etsy store, and a very beautiful and cosy handspun thick and thin merino yarn in my ebayUK store:

yarn rhubarb6


slub yarn18.5



And a bulk order of 20 handpainted silk scarves in dark ruby red has gone out to a grafic design company that will be using them for an upcoming event at a medieval castle:



Everyone have a very good bank holiday weekend! :o)


Organic Wensleydale and aubergine purple silk

Okay, half of the organic wensleydale fleece, that arrived last week, has been washed, sorted and dried. It was not that dirty to begin with but it still required several rounds of rinsing after the soap wash. The fleece is very beautiful indeed, the farmer did not promise too much :o)  The locks are all separate, they don’t sit on a fleece base because the fleece was cut off the sheep, not sheared, and they will be perfect for handspinning, hand dyeing and felting projects. This fleece will also be interesting especially for dollmakers, who root the locks into the dolls head, as it seems that they prefer the loose locks much more to fleece clusters, where you need to either pull the locks out and separate them, or cut them off, whatever is required for the project. I like both types, the clusters and the loose locks, either of them offer an equal variety of uses. Here is a photo of the raw fleece:


And here is the freshly washed and well sorted fleece in all its beauty:



The average length of the locks is 8-12cm (3.2-4.8inch). I will display the fleece in my etsy store shortly.

According to the weather forecast we will be having very humid days and high temperatures around the 33 degree Celsius mark on Friday and the rest of  the weekend…..NOT GOOD…..I am no good with hot weather, I am much more into the cooler seaside weather….Sooner or later I will get so fed up with the tropical summer temperatures here in the Southwest, that I will pack my bags again and honestly move up North to the German coast. It will be just a matter of time. So, due to that depressing weather forecast (summer people will think I am really not quite right in the head…) I have moved this week’s woolly tasks ahead so I don’t need to turn the kitchen into a steambath on Friday and Saturday. On Monday I painted a custom order of 15 silk scarves in a very beautiful dark aubergine purple. They will be going to a team of people who work for a pharmacy at Bremerhaven, which is in Northern Germany right by the sea…hmm….perhaps I could just squeeze myself into the parcel and get shipped to fresher breezes and lower temperatures along with the scarves? Hold that thought…


 Last night I painted 3 batches of the organic wensleydale fleece in rusty browns, blonde and emerald green, plus 2.2lb of sock yarn, which should be dried by the end of the week. 2 handspun singles have been sitting on the bobbins since last week, waiting to be plied into a rainbow design with very vibrant colours. It’s a bit sad actually that I have not had the time to finish it sooner. But for now it’s time to get to the workshop and sort today’s orders that will be mailed later on today.


All about blues and teals

I had a very fine Easter weekend with my family, I thoroughly enjoyed it. We were very lucky with the weather, sunny with a few clouds, still, crispy cold, but that didn’t matter. Just put on your winter coat again and off you go hunting for Easter eggs! I baked a Linzer cake for Easter, it is one of my favourites because it is made with German plum jam, which comes with spices such as clove and cinnamon. It’s not a Christmas jam, you eat it all year around over here, either with bread and butter, or with bread and white cheese (quark)…..veeeeery yummy!! The cake recipe itself originally comes, I believe,  from Austria. 

Apart from the munchies I had all weekend long I  finished the custom order of 450g of handspun and handpainted Bluefaced Leicester yarn in teal, aquamarine and cornflower blue last night. The yarns have now gone to their new home here in Germany. I am very pleased with the colourways and the yarn quality:

And the custom order of 18 handpainted silk scarves is also properly dried and was packed this afternoon:

I believe that they will make wonderful gifts. :o)


Oh I am so excited about Easter. Not only because I will finally get 4 days off in a row but because I will be celebrating Easter Sunday with my family, and this means a wonderful day with homemade cakes and cookies, lots of chitter-chatter, and of course hiding painted eggs and little chocolate Easter bunnies in the garden so the kids can go on an Easter hunt.  Of course the Easter bunny will have jumped over the fence and disappeared into the neighbour’s garden only moments before the children come around the corner, but hey, that’s just tough luck. Perhaps if they will be just a little bit faster next year they will be able to catch a glimpse of him, I am sure. The Easter bunny will be ever so busy trying to distribute all his eggs and chocolates on time, you know. :o)

Before the holidays I thought I should update my blog because 10 handpainted crinkle silk scarves have made it into my etsy store. :o) I have been selling them for quite a while in my DaWanda store, and I thought I should also display some of them on Etsy. I am taking a short break from my spinning wheel to paint 18  crinkle silk scarves for a German lady, who owns a printing factory, and she would like the scarves for her employees as a gift at the end of April. There should be 9 scarves in ice blue and 9 scarves in aquamarine, they should match any of the top shades of her colour chart. I think I am coming quite close:

The crinkle silk scarves are perfect for nuno felting and of course for wearing as they are.

Everyone have a very HAPPY EASTER and enjoy the first warm days of spring. ;o)

Felt scarves & fresh slub yarn

I have not been idle since my last blog ;o) – I wanted to take a short break from my spinning wheel as I had sat behind it on a daily basis all autumn and winter long. So I decided to do some wet felting, always great fun but hardly ever enough time for me to actually get to it. I made 3 very lovely scarves, which are also now displayed in my online exhibition – feel free to come and visit the site! :o)

This one was made with pure super fine (18 micron) merino wool & mulberry silk:

Number 2 is made with ultra fine 50/50 baby camel down & tussah silk, it’s a cobweb and therefore lightweight scarf:

And number 3 is my “Autumn Felt Scarf” made withone of  my handpainted extra soft British Bluefaced Leicester roving:

I think the scarves came out nicely considering I don’t felt on a regular basis. I am happy with these felt babes. :o)


Today was painting day, and I finished 8 new lots of superwash BFL and merino rovings. They will be listed as soon as they come off the drying rack, that’ll be in about 3-4 days. Okay, enough for today. I will get back to my spinning wheel tonight and start on a lovely BFL yarn…I LOVE MY SPINNING WHEEL!!


Oh the past days have been so lovely, finally spring is here!!! We have had temperatures around 17 degrees Celsius, just perfect for me and for Sam. Look at what he has been doing the first day the sun came out:

…sunbathing, bless him. The sock you can see on one of his paw is to cover a small wound he has been messing with, but it’s already healed again.

I have finished all my custom orders I had to get dispatched before Easter, and now I have got time to just chill out a bit and take it easy before I am back at the dyepot and behind my spinning wheel :o) Here are some more photos of what I finished earlier, including the 50 handpainted silk scarves for the WALA company that produce the natural cosmetics range “Dr.Hauschka”. I can’t display their new make up colours until after April 1st, but I am allowed to already show the colours I used for the scarves, they were burnt orange and deep turquoise:

and I even managed to remember to take a photo of the lovely handspun baby camel/silk fingering weight yarns, that have now gone to their new home here in Germany:

The photo below shows the handspun thick dolls hair yarn that went to a dollmaker in Romania. It turned out really thick and dense,  the way it was requested:

I reckon that this is at least a polar weight yarn size, WOW.

For weeks I have been working with fibre, and it’s always such a nice change to make a few batches of soap in between.  I just HAD to choose a very aromatic lavender soap for the spring season, with honey and apricot kernel oil to make the whole thing really mild and creamy. The soaps will be curing until beginning of April but I have already made some photos as I made another batch of orange blossom soap a few days ago, which will need some space as well. Here are the lavender soaps:


I love that marbled look that I created by adding some red clay powder. These soap babes have an absolutely gorgeous lavender scent,  and they will be displayed around the 2nd week of April in my ebayUK store.