Gradient colourway and spring greetings

Jean Aycock of FoxtrotFibers is a very lovely customer of mine. She purchased one of my handpainted merino rovings, handspun it into a plied yarn with a gradient colourway and used it for a weaving project. Have a look, the shifting colours are fantastic:

A space painted roving, like Jean´s lot, can be spun in many different ways, resulting in either a variegated, self striping or colour shifting (gradient) colourway, there really are no limits.
For example, the roving can be split lengthwise into as many thin and very long strands as necessary and then worsted spun that way, creating e.g. a single self striping yarn, or a variegated plied yarn (plied with 2 separate threads), or a self striping navajo plied yarn (3-plied) where the colours shift in short sequences.
For a controlled gradient colourway the roving can be pulled apart into short single colour chunks and then spun using the inch worm technique. This is a technique I personally prefer if I want certain colours to meet for a greater length within the yarn, once it has been plied. I usually place the colour chunks for two single threads in line next to each other and then wool spin them one by one, holding the short strand horizontally. Wool spinning makes the yarn fluffier and bouncier than worsted spinning. I like gradient yarns very much, though they require a bit more fiber preparation and a balanced spinning technique for a plied version. But they are so worth it and great fun indeed!!

Okay, since last month (sorry, no February blog due to a very bad cold…) I have been restocking my wool curls, thick and thin yarns and drum carded batts. There is also a new yarn and a new merino-silk batt available in my etsy store – I can´t resist the combination of purples and greens, they are perfect “fairy” colours. I just have to do them on a regular basis. ;o)


Speaking of fairies, Easter is drawing nearer, and there is no Easter without a spring fairy soap made of pure natural plant oils, cocoa butter, and a perfect scent of honey and spring blossoms:

These soap babies are currently curing but will be ready towards the end of the month.
Everybody have a wonderful and creative spring season!


Fresh colours and fiber beauties

Time flies, and I am painting, spinning and carding 24/7, I´m having a great time now that the weather is absolutely perfect for processing my fibers. I wish spring would last all year! :o)

4 new colourways of super soft merino/silk (mulesing free) and pure merino wool roving (mulesing free) came off the drying board today and are now listed in my etsy store,  2 new batches of wensleydale locks have made their way into my ebayUK store, and several lots of handpainted single Leicester curls are displayed in my DaWanda store. Have a look at my new fiber babies:








wenlo reddish brown

wenlo leafMy handspun and handpainted merino slub yarn Lime-Teal-Purple is back in stock, and of the hand carded merino-silk batts all standard colourways are readily available. Everyone enjoy the Spring season and HAPPY FIBRE CRAFTING!! :o)

Fresh colours and fibres, and Monster High dolls

I am so waiting for spring to arrive, I am desperate for warm sunshine and blue sky, sick of snow, ice and mud. It may not take long anymore now, the birds are already in spring mode, their chirping contests are absolutely fabulous, I love when they have a party in the forest and in the open fields. During the month of February I have been restocking my handpainted and handspun merino slub yarns, batts and rovings. I have also added new lots of handpainted and commercially dyed merino rovings in gorgeous and vibrant colours, handpainted british bluefaced leicester and wensleydale fleece, plus a new merino lace and a 70-15-15 wool-silk-bamboo yarn that I have called “Thuja” + “Embers”. As always these yarns and fibre babies can be found in my etsy store and ebayUK store.








In this blog I would also like to introduce Sindy, a dollmaker from Sweden, who works with funky and very beautiful Monster High Dolls. For the dolls hair she often uses my curly wensleydale fleeces, bluefaced leicester fleece, single colour merino and rainbow merino wool rovings to create fantastic hairstyles, here are some of her sweeties:





She really does a marvelous job on the hair-dos. She also sells these sweet little creatures, and you can follow Sindy through her blog “Das Leben des Menschen”. Feel free to visit her site, she updates it on a regular basis.

The fibers and fleeces are available through my ebayUK store and my etsy store.

Everyone have a very good weekend, and HAPPY FIBRE CRAFTING! :o)


This weekend has been so beautiful with a warm sunshine and a magnificent blue sky, I think that winter has now mostly forgotten about us here, I am SO glad! And because little Kitty was able to take her first sunbath on Sunday afternoon,  I am announcing the beginning of an early spring season, in February, that’s right. ;o)


Therefore there  is now a special early spring offer for  FREE shipping worldwide on all etsy orders of $100 or more (just use the coupon code SHIP4FREE at the etsy checkout),

OR  a special early spring discount of 10% on all orders (excl. shipping) made through my etsyDaWanda or ebayUK store if you quote my blog code: WOOL&SPRING4ME  .Just send me an e-mail after your purchase.The 10% discount offer will be valid until my next blog comes out. :o)    The 10% discount offer is now over as of March 29th. Free shipping over $100.00 will remain on!



Fresh handpainted fibres while I wait for spring

Here are some new handpainted  merino and merino/silk fibres in lovely spring flower and field colours that are now displayed in my etsy store and my ebayUK store , including a new handpainted lot of 50/50 merino/silk yarn called “Purple Rhubarb” :o)







purple rhubarb

Can we skip winter?

The weather has so far been very kind in Germany, mild temperatures, little frost in the morning, no snow yet. It seems that the US  and Canada were hit worst by very heavy snowfalls and very low temperatures first, what I saw on TV was quite scary, sort of ice age conditions. No doubt once the high winds change direction we will be hit by winter…honestly, I could do without it this year. My mind is hopping forward to April already, for longer days with more daylight, warm sunshine and all the lovely birds chirping out there. Well, until this picture will come true I can at least put some spring colours into my fibres, so here are my new lots of handspun and handpainted yarns that have already found their way into my etsy store and my ebayUK store: First 2 new handpainted pure mulberry silk lace yarns in pink shades, then my handspun and handpainted extra soft merino slub yarns (yep, my popular “Prisma” slub yarn is back in stock, Yeehaw!):




slub country

slub prismathe slub yarns are perfect for freeform knitting, quick knit projects, needle felting projects, and of course to be used as ready made dreads. :o) My entire range of slub and pencil yarns can be found in my ebayUK store.


I also handspun some single bulky extra soft merino yarn in variegated colourways that will also be suitable for knitted felting projects and for quick knitting e.g. hats, and for dollshair. The yarns are displayed in my etsy store:




the single yarn below will create stripes:



I added a new colourway to my space dyed wool sliver stock that can be found in my ebayUK store. The colours are incredibly vibrant, I love them! The micron count is 24,  a bit coarser than my 21 micron extra soft rovings and very easy to work with for beginners in handspinning and felting:



In between I took a short break off any woolly projects,  I felt like making a new gemstone necklace for my DaWanda store, here it is, a beautiful chrysocolla+tibetan silver wire wrapped necklace with a teardrop pendant:



My handpainted 50/50 silk/merino yarn “Rhubarb” sold out last week,  a new lot is already painted in similar colours and currently drying.  The skeins will probably displayed on etsy in 2-3 days time. Okay, that’s all for now, back to the dyepot! ;o)

House gnomes in spring

2 days ago these little fellows came by post from my felting colleague Michaela



They are called Valentin and Sammy (I didn’t give them their names, but” Sammy” is okay with me), and they are my new house gnomes. They will be watching me paint and spin my wools and make sure that I am doing a good job all around. Valentin (the guy with the red trousers) is very well natured and easy-going lad, while Sammy, according to Michaela, may sometimes go a little over the top. He is very frisky indeed but will behave if he is deprived of fresh strawberries. He has already decided that he wants to sit right by the fruit bowl, just to make sure nothing tasty gets nicked.


Valentin’s beard is made of some of my wensleydale fleece locks, and Sammy’s hair and beard is made of my Bluefaced Leicester fleece locks.  Their clothes are needle felted 100% merino wool.  I think they both look very dashing indeed. :o)

Spring has definitely arrived (THANK GOD!!!!!!!), and some new colourways have made it into my etsy store and my ebayUK store:






Everyone have a very lovely spring season and HAPPY FIBRE CRAFTING! :o)

Spring yarns, batts, and the moment of truth….

Here comes my spring update on handpainted yarn beauties and fibres. I am still working my way through custom orders, the handspun yarns are coming out veeeeery nicely, but tonight I will have to take a break starting at 20.15h – RTL is currently showing “Game of Thrones”, and I am a great fan of Sean Bean, plus it’s a fantasy film, and I quite liked the first 3 episodes that came on TV last night. Except that I was watching the film with just one eye on the TV screen, the other eye was glued to the PC sorting out fibre prices….yes, here comes the sad moment of truth. I managed to keep my fibre and yarn prices stable all year for 2011, even though wholesale prices went through the roof first thing in January 2011, rising a whopping 40%, and then another 30% last September. Man, that makes you sweat, I can tell you. For 2012 I can no longer maintain my old prices, as I keep buying in new stock. On average my fibres went up £0.10-£0.30 per 0.9-1.1oz lot in my ebayUK store, but I have not increased the prices  for my carded batts at all. The handpainted rovings went up about £0.80-1.00 per 3.5oz lot. Fingers crossed that the global market will be more settled this year.

Let’s change the subject. Spring is so in the air, and today was a wonderfully warm and sunny day. 3 new batches of handpainted yarns have come off the drying board, 2x ultra fine merino deluxe superwash and 1x 70/15/15 virgin wool/silk/bamboo, all in very vibrant colours. I am very pleased with the results:




Each lot consists of 4 x 3.5oz skeins, they have been distributed between my etsy store and my DaWanda store. I can certainly combine purchases from both stores, with the price converted into the currency of your country.

Also 1×4 and 4×2 pairs of my standard colourway merino-silk batts have made it my etsy store and ebayUK store, plus this lot:


a pure pitch black super fine merino wool blended with mulberry silk in lavender purple, turquoise and lapis lazuli blue, oooooooh.

I have listed a 150g large bag of ultra fine royal baby alpaca fleece in natural dark rose-grey, a real beauty with just 17 micron (THAT’S SOFT!), requiring some sorting because it still contains little vegetable matter here and there. I just can’t find the time to sort it myself, so I have listed it on DaWanda at a lower price than I usually charge for a sorted lot:


Still, I so need to sort out my porch, it looks bare and lonely, no spring delight at all. Sam may still think that we are not staying for good after all…



…”Heike…..we are staying….right?…..RIGHT????…… Bless you mate, YES, we will be staying here. :o)

Fresh from the dyepot!

As announced last week, here are my new batches of handpainted merino wool (20 micron), extra fine and yummy, and merino&silk (18 micron), super fine and super yummy! :o)  I also managed to restock my handspun and handpainted slub yarn in light teal. More of the lavender and natural white slub yarn to follow shortly towards the weekend:

You can find these little beauties in my Etsy store and in my ebayUK store.

Spring has finally made it to the Odenwald mountain chain, where I live on one of the peaks. It’s a wonderful sunny day today, birds chirping, blue sky, so good for the soul…..and my windows need some SERIOUS cleaning!!!! That’s the down part of the first sunny days of the year, you can now clearly see all the muck and dirt on the glass that has been accumulating during the autumn and winter storms. And because my sisters and their kids will be visiting on Sunday for a lovely pre-Easter get-together and a homemade pizza-munch, I will absolutely have to get out bucket and towels and get cleaning….I am not too crazy about spring cleaning. I would rather do what Sam does very well at the moment – snoring away on his blanket…SIGH…

This is the spring view from my porch, into the valley:

and I will need to do something with the porch to make it a bit more welcoming and cosy – I should plant some flowers…actually I prefer herbs much more. Well, we will see. First, the windows!!


Merry month of May and a little addition

Long time no blog, I know…. For the past weeks I have been trying to produce extra yarn for my group of knitters, who will help create some really fine garments from my own yarns for a 2011 exhibition I am planning,  and I really really wish that there were more than just 24 hours in a day!! I am a bit behind with a superfine handspun lace yarn that will be going to a knitter in the UK to be turned into a super fantastic lace shawl, and I absolutely must finish it today, there are new orders coming in each day so I better not be slacking ;o) Today is a German holiday, which gives me extra time and peace and quiet to sit behind my wheel and pedal along, while listenning to some gorgeous classical music – I dug out my ancient LP’s (so glad I have kept them the whole time while moving from country to country these past 12 years!!!!!!!), dedusted them, and now they are coming back to live, how absolutely marvelous after all the time they have been sitting in a box,  hidden away in the storage room. I am an 80’s girl, so apart from classical music I have also got lots of wonderful LP’s from e.g. Mr.Mister,  Tears for Fears, OMD, Little River Band, Sally Oldfield, and in between some Ella Fitzgerald or Nina Simone…. oh they are my babes, absolutely!!! Right now I have got Rondo Russo from Saverio Mercadante on the turntable, what a delight… somewhere deep in that cardboard box there must still be my ancient Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, one of the very few editions played by an orchestra that does not seem to want to turbo speed through spring, summer, autumn and winter!

We got  a little addition to the small flock of Heidschnucke sheep grazing up the hill, a beautiful black lamb, and the ewe is doing a fantastic job protecting it, man, I would not want to enter that field for anything in the world right now:

The left sheep is a yearling ram, and I am still wanting his fleeces when shearing time starts in June, he better not be throughing himself into the dirt too much now ;o)

There are a few freshly painted rovings that I have displayed just now in my ebayUK store and in my Etsy store – a wide range of fibres and yarns  made it into my online stores and onto my website in the past weeks, so everyone feel free to browse through my stores and enjoy the new colourways!

Time for a cup of tea and some Ella…!