Happy snow days and happy colours

The new year has started well with plenty of snow and very cold and crisp days, presenting a beautiful blue sky and lots of winter sunshine. On those days I even enjoy walking through the snowy winter forest up to the post office with my “Santa Bag” full of parcels and enveleopes that need to get on their way so people can start with their fiber projects. While Kitty loves accompanying me she enjoys the snow season only with her winter suit on – mind you, the little sweetheart comes from Spain and has next to zero undercoat.



Okay, let´s see what´s new in store, fiber and yarn wise: I have painted a new batch of extra soft british bluefaced leicester curly fleece (1st clip) including 3 lots of separated curls. My handspun merino thick and thin yarns “Hogmanay”, “Happy Hour”, “Fairyland” and “Jungle” have been restocked. Plus a new batch of hand painted merino rovings and a set of drum carded super fine 18 micron merino-silk batts are out and displayed, all available in my etsy store





The space dyed wool roving in fire red/yellow/brick is finally (!!) back and available on ebayUK, and so are the 24 micron merino wool rovings in deep raspberry pink, sky blue, deep red, bright yellow, and aubergine purple!


All 48 colours of the soft 24 micron mulesing free merino roving can be found in both my etsy store and on ebayUK:



As to the current custom orders: All deadlines for January will be met guys! :o)
That´s all for now. Everyone enjoy the winter season and HAPPY FIBER CRAFTING.



Fleece, yarn and a grand sunset

We have had the worst storm for the past 3 days, I thought I would loose my mind with all the rattling noise and howling wind around the house, day and night with no break. When the weather finally settled yesterday evening we were granted one of the most beautiful post storm sunsets I have ever seen up here in the mountains, it was breathtaking, I hope it comes across a little in the photo:




Now that the storm is over,  just for a change we are now getting tons of snow, it´s snowing, and snowing….and snowing. The snow is actually quite lovely when you don´t need to get in the car and plough your way through it. Kitty is having a ball, digging for poor little mice (she ain´t getting them anyway, they are too clever).


Today I am staying indoors, I am working on 2 custom orders of handpainted BFL fleece and handspun thick and thin yarns. I have been restocking my extra soft handspun thick and thin merino yarns on ebayUK (prices are viewable in US $ and British £ through this link) and the super soft 20 micron single colour and rainbow merino wool rovings in my etsy store:






including a beautiful pitch black :o)

black braid




Fleece wise there is more of the extra long wensleydale white curls available on etsy, and a new hand painted batch of english leicester curly fleece in rusty brown-cinnamon-apricot is also available.



That´s all for now.

Everyone, have a lovely and creative winter season. Keep warm and healthy, and take regular breaks from the fast pace of life.




Crochet mood

And I am still crocheting away, just finished another Boho giant crochet scarf with 2 skeins of my handspun and handpainted polwarth/merino thick and thin yarn. I love this scarf very much, it is over 6 feet long without the fringes, extra soft, very squishy with lots and lots of texture. It is now displayed in my online exhibition, feel free to have a look for more details :o)




Right now I just can´t seem to get enough of my giant yarn, I am SO in the crocheting mood, so I also made a very warm and extra soft neckwarmer from 1 skein of my Jumbo handspun thick and thin merino yarn. I have included a photo of it in the Jumbo yarn descriptions of my etsy store for more information on how much can be finished with 24 yards of yarn (my Jumbo yarns measure approximately 28 yards per 100g (3.5oz) skein).


super slub2


Everyone in winterland, keep warm and snug, and Happy Fiber Crafting! :o)

Savannah and new purples

We have had a good amount of snow and ice so far. At one point the roads were completely blocked, and I had to take my heavy postage sack and dig my way through the snow to our little post office in the next village, meaning a 1 hour walk (one way, mind you) through the forest with up to 40cm of fresh snow on the tracks…..don´t ask, I didn´t really need that extra exercise but at least all orders were dispatched on time. This is very important to me. When I personally order something through the internet I sort of want it to arrive “on the same day” because I am simply very excited. So I certainly understand when my customers want to receive their woolly goodies as fast as possible too. Luckily our roads are not blocked with snow that often during the wniter, it´s rather an exception.

Apart from restocking my standard handcarded batts and handpainted fibres I finished a new 1 lb batch of my yummy handspun and handpainted merino slub yarn in very earthy  colours, I have called it “Savannah”. It is now displayed in my ebayUK store, and one 3.6oz skein is also displayed in my DaWanda store. Also, 3 new sets of super soft (21 micron) and ultra soft (18 micron) merino/silk handcarded batts are now available through my etsy store:







Everyone, keep warm and healthy, and HAPPY FIBRE CRAFTING . :o)

January woollies

After recovering from a bad cold I am starting the new year at a rather slow pace but with some rich colours to brighten up the dull, wet and cold January days. I finished a new 1lb bulk of handspun and handpainted merino slub yarn for my ebayUK store, and there is also a large skein available in my etsy store. The colours are fantastic, I love them!

slub ltp



I also restocked the handpainted and natural colour wensleydale curly fleeces, and the handpainted Bluefaced Leicester curly fleece bags in my ebayUK store.




bfl blue-purple


Plus another 2 sets of handpainted multicolour Bluefaced Leicester curly fleece are available through my DaWanda and etsy store :



More woolly beauties will follow once I have got my proper pace back :o)

Everyone enjoy your fiber projects and keep warm and healthy!

Advent and the woolly season

I would like to wish everyone a very happy 1st Advent! I understand that not every country celebrates the 4 Advent Sundays towards Christmas, though I am sure that a lot of people are doing their best to actually slow down one gear and to take their time contemplating just a little during this time of the year. I am not a very religious person but the Advent time is special and very dear to me, it calms me down in all the hectic and fast pace global life all around and reminds me over and over that there are indeed more important things in this world to treasure and preserve than to keep chasing after material things, working 24/7 and well towards a solid heart attack, or to spend too little time with the family, am I right, or am I right? :o) The slowing down part does not always work of course, we all have a life to lead and money to earn to bring food on the table. Still, I believe it is worth trying to slow down just a bit in between.

This year’s Advent wreath comes with candles in burnt orange, just to change colours every now and then. I usually have the traditional dark red candles but I somehow felt like burnt orange this year.


My little sister gave me a very pretty Advent calender – it is filled with little chocolates, and every day in December you are allowed to open one door and take out the cholcolate, until December 24th, when we celebrate Christmas in Germany. I loooove chocolate, and I eat way too much of it!! Well, as long as my pants still fit me I should be okay…


Even our little house gnome Gilbert has got his very own candle. This one is lit all day when we are at home. Gilbert guards it very well…with some distance though….mind you he’s made of pure wool felt, I would hate to see his beard or his pointy hat go up in flames. :o)


In case I don’t get to write a December blog, everyone have a truly happy and peaceful Christmas season, and keep enjoying your woolly fiber projects! XXX

Sleeping beauty….,or just sleepy??

Perhaps it’s got to do with the circadian rhythm, perhaps it’s just an age thing, but I have been quite tired these past days, the weather sucks (it’s got everything in store for us,  snow storms followed by heavy rain showers and flooding followed by snow storms followed by heavy rain showers and flooding followed by….well, you get the meaning right?),  and the woodlands are extremly muddy OR icy with high risk of slipping and breaking your neck, it’s just not funny right now. I could be sleeping all day, in fact, someone else is doing exactly that!!


Okay then, let at least this furry bundle get her beauty sleep, it’s too late for me anyway. Instead I have nevertheless been rather busy at the dyepot, and since the beginning of this month some new handpainted lots of bluefaced leicester, merino-silk, merino and polwarth rovings have found their way into my online stores on etsy, ebayUK and DaWanda, here they are:






Plus I dyed one Bluefaced Leicester curly fleece in vibrant purple, magenta and cornflower-indgo blue and prepared a new mixed bag for my ebay store

bfl mix purples

And to stick with purple I finished another custom order for 4 skeins of 50/50 camel down/silk lace yarn to be painted in a very vibrant and rich dark magenta purple with a touch of red magenta in the sheen, which was not picked up by the camera, this lot changed its shades like a chameleon when I tried different lights for the photos. The photos below show the colour more accurately than the other 250 I took.  Magenta shades are such beauties and yet such  b*****s to catch properly on camera! The yarns have also gone to Finland to be turned into another baby wrap. ;o)



The sample yarns on top of the single skein are both commercially dyed cotton, and the request was for the custom yarns, that will be for the weft,  to come as closely as possible to the left hand dark magenta sample. The pinkish cyklamen yarn on the right will be the warp yarn. Oooooh, I hope I will get to see some photos of the finished wrap again.




Remember the custom order for several handpainted camel/silk lace yarns I finished last December?

custom camel-silk yarn2

They were going to Finland to be turned into a handwoven baby wrap. I was so hoping to see some photos of the finished wrap, and here they are,  in fact the photos were sent to me 2 months ago, I just didn’t see them in the message….yep, I’m getting old…

baby wrap

baby wrap4

baby wrap2

The wrap is about 3m long (3.3yds) and was custom woven by a lady who runs a weaving business called Chunky Slings in Finland, she specialises in baby wraps.  I’d say this lady has done a fantastic job. The weaving pattern is called “Rondo”, and if I understand correctly the warp is a fine cotton yarn and the weft the camel down/ silk yarns. Very beautiful indeed.

Okay, time to get to my spinning wheel, where a super fine bfl lambswool/silk yarn is waiting to be finished. This baby will consist of 2 handspun cobweb threads and take me at least 14 hours to spin + 2-3 hours to ply + 1/2 h to wind…….I think I’m going to make me a large jug of  coffee before I start. ;o)

Purple blues

Fresh from the dyepot! Merino-Nylon superwash rovings, specially suitable for handspinning long lasting sock yarn, in vibrant purple and blue shades, plus a luxurious cashmere/merino/silk roving in beautiful light lavender purple with some deep purple in it, now displayed in my Etsy and my DaWanda store. ;o)







I also painted 2 new batches of extra soft merino superwash yarn, my “Witches’ Brew” and “Nautilus”:

witches brew


That’s it for this month. February will be here soon, probably with a good amount of snow and ice….sigh… well, at least that’s good weather for my yarn painting and spinning sessions and lots and lots of very hot tea!!! :o)


More snow for the forest woman

Somehow I have been hoping that we would get rid of the snow in between but it keeps snowing every night, and I am SO fed up with shovelling that stuff. But apart from that it’s also quite fun walking through the woods when everything is covered in pure white, especially when we get some sunshine for an hour or two. Last week we had a total of 0.9 hours of sunshine…ain’t that depressing. Well, for the past weeks I have been staying indoors where it’s warm, carding, spinning, painting and washing more fleece wool. That’s what the snowy winter weather is good for, you don’t really want to be outside for too long.

Okay, so here is the update: Fresh white wensleydale curly fleece wool will be available again in around 1 week, it’s currently boiling away in the tubs. Furthermore 1 new handspun lace yarn, “Monkshood”,  and 1 new handpainted silk lace yarn, “Ivy”,  have made it into my etsy store:






A very beautiful felt doll is now displayed in my online exhibition: My adorable little forest woman, custom made by Michaela, who also runs a store on DaWanda called Rattenschaf. The doll is made with Wensleydale curly fleece, Bluefaced Leicester curly fleece wool and carded batt wool from my stock. She is such a beauty, I am so proud of her, have a look:



Michaela has done a really great job, she is such a talented felting artist, I could not come close to that if I tried for the next 50 years.

More handspun and handpainted slub yarns and carded merino-silk batts  have been restocked in my ebayUK store and my etsy store.

I am including some lovely winter photos to this blog, that little bit of  sunshine felt really good today!! Old Sam and old Charly sure enjoyed it too. :o)






Last blog 2012

Man, time really flies, and I admit that I have been neglecting my blog for the past weeks. Each year there is so much to do around Christmas time. I never stop packing orders, dyeing rovings and yarns and hopping to the post office.  We had a lot of snow until last week (1 inch of snow fell per hour), and there have been problems on the roads, railways and at the airports, so I am really hoping that everyone will receive his/her order right on time for Christmas!

I am planning to take full advantage of the Christmas bank holidays! I want to do….absolutely nothing…..I want to sleep in,  celebrate Christmas eve with my family, have a wonderful Christmas dinner, and take old Sam for a Christmas walk. That is all I want really. But until then there is still work to do. I washed the last of 5 white wensleydale shearling fleeces today and sorted another 2 batches of handpainted wensleydale fleece that are now displayed in my ebayUK store, one lot in vibrant magenta shades and the second lot in lemon+lime shades, beautiful, absolutely beautiful.


wenlo violett3

Apart from that several lots of handspun slub yarn have been stocked up in my ebay store, and new handpainted rovings made it into my etsy store and my DaWanda store as well, I just never had the time to announce them here on my blog, so sorry about that!



Everyone have a very happy and peaceful Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year 2013!! :o)