Hand dyed spinning fiber and savoy cabbage models

October 3rd, 2020

I have been taking good care of my vegetables all summer, most of them came out ever so nicely, others were taken by the white fly and tiny caterpillars happy to get free yummy meals. So for the second half of summer I decided to leave my savoy cabbages under a netting, and the result I believe does indeed belong on a veggie catwalk :o)

My zucchini plant is still blooming and growing beautifully, October is supposed to bring mild weather fingers crossed. And the last two hokkaido pumpkins will be ready for harvesting soon.

For fall and winter I tried to find a good vegetable that would grow fast enough to be harvested before the frosty days will start, so I decided to try and grow Pak Choi and winter onions (the onions will grow until next spring). The vegetable details sounded promising especially as Pak Choi is supposed to be a low maintenance plant, which is always good when I am very busy dyeing fiber and spinning yarns during the woolly seasons. The little shoots went into the garden and under the netting 3 days ago, I´m not taking any chances, I read that garden snails go crazy about Pak Choi:

Okay time for a fresh batch of hand dyed extra soft polwarth, bluefaced leicester and merino superwash roving fibers, there are gradients and variegated beauties, all displayed in my etsy store:

Don´t forget to also visit my website All The Pretty Fibers for another beautiful range of hand dyed rovings and handspun yarns, and claim your 10% discount!

Everyone have a very colourful autumn season, and Happy Crafting!

Between seasons wool hats and felted home decoration

Summer is not quite over yet but the autumn season is drawing nearer. I have therefore listed several colourful and gorgeously soft hand dyed artisan crochet hats, made of pure merino wool (machine washable), in my etsy shop StoneCircleWools – the hats will be perfect for the chilly days and can certainly be worn well into winter.

Apart from that I finished new felt ornaments in wonderful vibrant colours to brighten up the room when the days get shorter. The ornaments make great gifts too and can also be found at StoneCircleWools:

Everyone have a very lovely month of September!

Hand dyed long wensleydale locks

August 12, 2020

There is a new batch of hand dyed long wensleydale locks available in my etsy shop, they measure 15-20cm and 20-25cm (6-10 inch) and will be absolutely perfect for curly doll hair, tailspinning, felting and sewing projects. The color is a very rich dark mahogany brown and medium reddish brown, gorgeous!

Everyone have a wonderful month of August and Happy Crafting!

Handspun lace yarn beauties

August 1, 2020

2 very fine handspun lace yarns have come off the bobbins and are now displayed in my etsy shop: “Fairy Dust” super soft hand dyed merino-silk fiber 555m (555yds), and “Irish Rose” extra soft hand dyed polwarth fiber 540m (600yds)

Need a thicker yarn? I have got light worsted weight, worsted weight and super bulky handspun yarns available in my online shop at www.alltheprettyfibers.com, feel free to have a look and claim a 10% discount, coupon code TENOFF4ME, at the checkout. :o)

Everyone have a beautiful summer, and keep safe & healthy!

July hand dyed spinning and felting fibers, and my brand new online shop!

July 18, 2020

I have been very busy setting up my own online store these past weeks. It was quite a learning curve and it took me a while to understand the technical side of it all. I had to decide on whether to set up the store in German or English (just like Shopify only one language and one currency is supported, oh well), so I went for English with the currency in Euros. Come and take a peek, and if you find something you want just use the coupon code TENOFF4ME at the checkout and claim a 10% discount at www.alltheprettyfibers.com .

Please note: The shipping routes from Germany to the US, Australia and New Zealand for small packet goods are still closed. Fingers crossed that I can very soon add these destinations back to my shipping list!!

I have also listed new batches of hand dyed super soft merino-silk rovings my etsy store All The Pretty Fibers, they are 70/30 super fine and 50/50 extra fine blends of an absolutely gorgeous quality, have a look:

There are a total of 3 per dyelot.

Everyone, have a very lovely summer season, and keep safe & healthy. Enjoy your craft projects!!

Fresh fiber for spinning and felting projects

June 3, 2020:

Here are my new hand dyed rovings/combed tops: super soft polwarth (I LOVE that fiber!!!!), super fine 18 micron merino/mulberry silk, wonderful shetland and gorgeous (!!) british bluefaced leicester, 2-3 lots per dyelot, and all available in my etsy store All The Pretty Fibers :o)

I have been growing my own vegetables this year. I am not a very good gardener, in fact I hardly know anything about growing veggies but I very much love sowing stuff and watching it digging its way out of the soil and into the light, and growing a little every day. It´s so relaxing, call me silly but I do talk to my veggies and keep humming little melodies – it calms me down with the world being such a madhouse.

Everyone have a very lovely month of June, enjoy your craft projects :o)

Felting wool sets, and Bluefaced Leicester is back!

May 18, 2020:

After a very long time I am finally stocking a very soft and fluffy British Bluefaced Leicester wool roving again, I´m a happy bunny!! It took me forever to find the quality BFL fiber I was used to years ago and was never happy with the fiber samples I received. This new lot is a fine 22/6 micron roving/combed top with the typical beautiful luster I love so much. I finished 2 hand dyed batches of 3 lots each over the weekend. They are now displayed in my Etsy shop All The Pretty Fibers. More to come soon:

I have also prepared 5 new small sets of 26 micron merino wool roving for felting and spinning projects, doll making and embellishing. Each set contains 12 colors and weighs a total of 50g/1.8oz. The colors are beautifully rich and vibrant, and the wool is perfect for beginners as well. Here they are: “Landscape”, “Rose Delight”, “Terracotta Sunset”, “Blue-Teal-Purple” and “Fairy Hill”, all available through All The Pretty Fibers.

Time to get back to my dyepot. Today I will be painting super fine merino/silk blends, and perhaps some more Polwarth if I can squeeze them in ;o)

Hand dyed spinning & felting fibers

May 1, 2020

A fresh batch of hand dyed Icelandic, Shetland and super fine Merino-Silk rovings in rich and vibrant colors have made it into my etsy shop All The Pretty Fibers:

Everyone stay safe & healthy, and keep your creativity going!

Wishing Well, Coffee To Go, and other yarn babies

Even though there are still heavy restrictions in shipping availabilities to many countries worldwide I want to introduce my latest handspun yarn designs, all in wonderful vibrant colorways to lift up the spirit! Here they are, my new self striping yarn babies: “Wishing Well”, “Wishing Well II”, “Ivy II”, “Massai”, “Coffee To Go” and “Country Road”, available in my etsy shop All The Pretty Fibers

I will be painting fresh rovings all weekend, there will be super fine merino/silk blends, yummy icelandic and gorgeous shetland rovings available in my etsy shop next week. :o)

Everyone keep safe & healthy!

Felted Easter and Home decoration & hand dyed spinning fibers

Artisan felted necklaces and fine felted Easter & home decoration in wonderful vibrant colors, at StoneCircleWools, and fresh hand dyed wool rovings for hand spinning and felting projects – super fine merino/silk, icelandic and polwarth beauties at AllThePrettyFibers 🙂

Everyone have a wonderful and healthy Spring and Easter season!