Fiber Project Bags

I have prepared several new fiber project bags, containing loads of beautiful colours, pure wools and silks, handspun thick and thin yarns, and curly fleece wool. The bags are perfect for spinning, felting, dollmaking, embellishing and sewing. They are now available in my etsy store:


There are now 3 new colourways available in my handspun yarn section, vibrant, rich and simply gorgeous! I have spun them into thick and thin super bulky yarns and also into worsted single yarns. These colourways will become a permanent part of my stock:


The yarns are now displayed in my Etsy store.

That´s all for now :o) Everyone have a very good weekend, and a Happy New Year!


Dear Spring, WELCOME!

Here comes my April/May update of fresh fibers and handspun merino and wensleydale yarns that are listed in my etsy store ,and handspun thick and thin merino yarn which can be found on ebayUK.



All 25 shades of my super soft 20 micron merino wool rovings are restocked in 3.5oz (100g) braids, including leaf green, berry red, and pitch black.


I drum carded 1lb of super fine 18 micron merino batts in pitch black, blended with stunning bronze mulberry silk….gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.

All standard colourways of my handspun and handpainted merino thick and thin yarns are also restocked, including “Element”, “Reds” and “Savannah”. I made tons of these babies this month…I think I will take a serious thick and thin break for a while. :o)

Fleece wise I sorted several 1oz bags of lovely clean natural white long wensleydale curls, and hand painted long wensleydale curls in rich auburn-mahogany. The curls will make beautiful long dolls hair. They can also be tailspun, or incorporated into any felting project for extra texture.


Last but not least, 2 new shades of pure mulberry silk roving are listed in my etsy store, a light pink and a golden brown, both shades are stunning! The average staple length of my silk fiber is 6 inches (15cm), which makes it most suitable not just for handspinning and adding to felting material, but also for ultra soft and fine straight dolls hair.


That´s all folks. Have a very good spring season and Happy Fiber Crafting!

49 colours to choose from

All 49 colours of my 24/6 micron soft merino wool rovings (combed tops) are back in stock. I have created a new listing of 20g balls (0.7oz) for my felters, handspinners, dreadmakers and dollmakers, with just one basic shipping charge and no additional shipping fees, no matter how much wool of that listing is ordered. Feel free to have a look at my listing on ebayUK .




Fleece, yarn and a grand sunset

We have had the worst storm for the past 3 days, I thought I would loose my mind with all the rattling noise and howling wind around the house, day and night with no break. When the weather finally settled yesterday evening we were granted one of the most beautiful post storm sunsets I have ever seen up here in the mountains, it was breathtaking, I hope it comes across a little in the photo:




Now that the storm is over,  just for a change we are now getting tons of snow, it´s snowing, and snowing….and snowing. The snow is actually quite lovely when you don´t need to get in the car and plough your way through it. Kitty is having a ball, digging for poor little mice (she ain´t getting them anyway, they are too clever).


Today I am staying indoors, I am working on 2 custom orders of handpainted BFL fleece and handspun thick and thin yarns. I have been restocking my extra soft handspun thick and thin merino yarns on ebayUK (prices are viewable in US $ and British £ through this link) and the super soft 20 micron single colour and rainbow merino wool rovings in my etsy store:






including a beautiful pitch black :o)

black braid




Fleece wise there is more of the extra long wensleydale white curls available on etsy, and a new hand painted batch of english leicester curly fleece in rusty brown-cinnamon-apricot is also available.



That´s all for now.

Everyone, have a lovely and creative winter season. Keep warm and healthy, and take regular breaks from the fast pace of life.




Advent and the woolly season

I would like to wish everyone a very happy 1st Advent! I understand that not every country celebrates the 4 Advent Sundays towards Christmas, though I am sure that a lot of people are doing their best to actually slow down one gear and to take their time contemplating just a little during this time of the year. I am not a very religious person but the Advent time is special and very dear to me, it calms me down in all the hectic and fast pace global life all around and reminds me over and over that there are indeed more important things in this world to treasure and preserve than to keep chasing after material things, working 24/7 and well towards a solid heart attack, or to spend too little time with the family, am I right, or am I right? :o) The slowing down part does not always work of course, we all have a life to lead and money to earn to bring food on the table. Still, I believe it is worth trying to slow down just a bit in between.

This year’s Advent wreath comes with candles in burnt orange, just to change colours every now and then. I usually have the traditional dark red candles but I somehow felt like burnt orange this year.


My little sister gave me a very pretty Advent calender – it is filled with little chocolates, and every day in December you are allowed to open one door and take out the cholcolate, until December 24th, when we celebrate Christmas in Germany. I loooove chocolate, and I eat way too much of it!! Well, as long as my pants still fit me I should be okay…


Even our little house gnome Gilbert has got his very own candle. This one is lit all day when we are at home. Gilbert guards it very well…with some distance though….mind you he’s made of pure wool felt, I would hate to see his beard or his pointy hat go up in flames. :o)


In case I don’t get to write a December blog, everyone have a truly happy and peaceful Christmas season, and keep enjoying your woolly fiber projects! XXX

New girl in the house

A new little addition arrived at my house 2 weeks ago, totally sweet and frisky, and from day one she had me wrapped around her little paw. Her name is Kitty. Okay, I would not have given her that name if I had had the choice, Kitty is rather a cat’s name, but she listens very well indeed when I call her, so we will stick with Kitty. This little furry bundle comes from a Spanish kennel. In Spain and other mediterranean countries the animals are kept in the kennel for 21 days, and if noone picks them up or takes them over they will be killed.  Kitty came over to Germany with another 12 dogs. They were all distributed to foster homes quite quickly. I was one of the foster homes, well, my plan was to just foster the dog(s) until a permanent home was found. I didn’t want to get hooked on a new dog so soon after Sam’s death. Well, what do you know, Kitty arrived….and she will stay, plain and simple! So much for the fostering part, haha.






This little creature is such a darling and so funny, I could not have asked for a better dog, she is absolutely perfect.  All the dogs in the neighbourhood love her, she is so easy to handle, and after 3 days she was already running off the leash, and has remained so. She doesn’t even wear a collar at the moment. I am a very, very happy bunny indeed! :o)

The last of the Wensleydale

Just a quick update on my very last batches of handpainted wensleydale fleece locks. I have got 2 new lots in light blonde and rusty-copper brown, now displayed in my ebayUK store, and some smaller or larger than normal locks in my DaWanda store. A 3rd lot in light purple-mauve pink will be sorted and displayed within the next few days.

Those 3 batches are quite small and the last ones until I will receive a fresh bulk of clipped white wensleydale fleeces in August. Hopefully I will get a larger quantity of greasy fleeces so it will last for at least one year, the last bulk was 160kg heavy, well, obviously not large enough.



Spring yarns, batts, and the moment of truth….

Here comes my spring update on handpainted yarn beauties and fibres. I am still working my way through custom orders, the handspun yarns are coming out veeeeery nicely, but tonight I will have to take a break starting at 20.15h – RTL is currently showing “Game of Thrones”, and I am a great fan of Sean Bean, plus it’s a fantasy film, and I quite liked the first 3 episodes that came on TV last night. Except that I was watching the film with just one eye on the TV screen, the other eye was glued to the PC sorting out fibre prices….yes, here comes the sad moment of truth. I managed to keep my fibre and yarn prices stable all year for 2011, even though wholesale prices went through the roof first thing in January 2011, rising a whopping 40%, and then another 30% last September. Man, that makes you sweat, I can tell you. For 2012 I can no longer maintain my old prices, as I keep buying in new stock. Fingers crossed that the global market will be more settled this year.

Let’s change the subject. Spring is so in the air, and today was a wonderfully warm and sunny day. 3 new batches of handpainted yarns have come off the drying board, 2x ultra fine merino deluxe superwash and 1x 70/15/15 virgin wool/silk/bamboo, all in very vibrant colours. I am very pleased with the results:




Each lot consists of 4 x 3.5oz skeins, they have been distributed between my etsy store and my DaWanda store. I can certainly combine purchases from both stores, with the price converted into the currency of your country.

Also 1×4 and 4×2 pairs of my standard colourway merino-silk batts have made it my etsy store and ebayUK store, plus this lot:


a pure pitch black super fine merino wool blended with mulberry silk in lavender purple, turquoise and lapis lazuli blue, oooooooh.

I have listed a 150g large bag of ultra fine royal baby alpaca fleece in natural dark rose-grey, a real beauty with just 17 micron (THAT’S SOFT!)


Still, I so need to sort out my porch, it looks bare and lonely, no spring delight at all. Sam may still think that we are not staying for good after all…



…”Heike…..we are staying….right?…..RIGHT????…… Bless you mate, YES, we will be staying here. :o)

Cheaper worldwide shipping rates for 2011!!


My first blog this year comes with great news for all my non-European customers, which of course includes the US, Canada, Australia and Asia. When I went to the post office today the lady behind the desk told me that the new shipping fees for wordwide mail have almost halved!!! YAY! I was really delighted to hear it, and I have already adjusted the shipping rates in my Etsy store and in my Dawanda store!

For my ebayUK store it will take me at least one week to fully revise the shipping rates because the bulk change system does not work properly there…SIGH… Nevertheless, here is the link to my own postage list for my ebayUK store, which has already been changed, and which you can certainly use for your order in my ebay store: . Just request a final ebay invoice from me if the automated system gives you a ridiculous shipping fee at the checkout, and I will sort things out for you.

Everyone have a very healthy, prosperous and creative  new year 2011!!!